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Free, as a matter of fact.

My WFHB interview features under the clever brand, Big Talk, are back! Resuscitated, revived, rejuvenated — hell, they’re alive and kicking, just like Juniper French. Big Talk’s first re-appearance will be this evening on the 5:30pm Daily Local News on ‘FHB, 91.3 and 98.1 in Blooomington, 100.7 in Nashville (IN), and 106.3 in Ellettsville.

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My guest tonight will be Tom French, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Tampa Bay Times who now teaches in the Media School at Indiana University. He and his wife, Kelley Benham French, have written a new book entitled Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born too Soon, due out September 13th, 2016.

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Tom & Juniper

[Image: Tampa Bay Times/Kelley Benham]

Juniper’s five years old now and just days away from starting kindergarten but she was born a micro-preemie after only 23 weeks of gestation, as Tom puts it, at the very limit of human viability outside the womb. The book is the story of Tom and Kelley’s relationship and their struggle to keep the young ‘un alive. It’s a beautiful book and I highly recommend you come into the Book Corner or your local bookseller and pick up one or three. The book was inspired by Kelley’s multipart series on Juniper’s birth and battle for life in the Tampa Bay Times, for which she was nominated and eventually became a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize herself.

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Kelley & Juniper

If you miss the feature tonight (it should run at about 5:45pm) you can catch it on the WFHB website. I’ll also be posting the entire 75-minute interview on this communications colossus. Not only that, the Bloomington region’s new online magazine, Limestone Post, will run a piece, written by me, natch, in August. We’ve got the Frenches — and Juniper — covered from all angles, baby!

Future Big Talks include delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Cathi Crabtree, next week and Adria Nassim, autism lecturer and educator, the week after.

Remember, when you talk, talk big.


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