Hot Air: Whither Sarah Barracuda?

Amber Alert

I know we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth but, jeez, where in the heck has Sarah Palin gone?

Remember, she was one of the earliest big-name supporters of the Orange-utan. Hell, I even predicted the two of them were going to embark on a love affair sooner rather than later. Then, suddenly, the half-term Alaska guv and spawner of a brood of Oliver O. Olivers and Minnie Pearls dropped off the face of the 6000-year-old Earth.

Weird, no?

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 8.23.12 AM

I mean, it can’t be that whatever political “advisors” D. Trump relies on nixed the idea of having Palin traipse around this holy land spouting whatever moose jerky nonsense she has in her about the glories of a Trump presidency. Y’know, as if her rhetoric would be too out there for the refined tastes of the sober-speaking candidate of the Farce Party.

Man, Palin’s presence in this bedlam race would have made it that much more entertaining.

Update: Palin has chipped in on the D. Trump call for someone out there to blow Hillary’s brains out. Natch, she didn’t repudiate the statement or even say poor old D. was misinterpreted. She said, among other things, the Muslim-in-Chief himself, Barack Obama, has called for his political enemies to be annihilated, liquidated, drawn and quartered. Yep, BHO hisself has issued, among others, the following fatwa:

I want them just to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess.

The fiend!

Obama said this re: the rapacious banksters, their legislative coat-holders, and assorted Randists who were responsible for the Great Recession of 2008. Most of them, at the time he uttered this unconscionably vicious call to violence, were trying to blame him for the world’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, forgetting, of course, that the whole goddamned thing started more than a year before he was elected prez! No matter, anybody who calls for someone to “get out of the way” clearly is a Hitler.

No, let me amend that — not a Hitler. Hitler.

The Orange Shirts

Hey. It just hit me when I reread the above entry. I called the Republicans the Farce Party.

Lightning bolt: The Orange-utan isn’t a Fascist, he’s a Farsist!

You’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 8.37.49 AM

Like The Black Shirts, Only Better

I’m Not Speaking To You!

Speaking of politics, which two rivals are so icy toward each other that even at public events they refuse to speak to or even acknowledge one another?

Bloomington City Hall

These two characters won’t even slap on happy faces and lie about how much they respect and admire each other when that kind of bologna is considered de rigueur. There’s a third, notoriously mum party to this Polar War as well.

I’munna do a little more digging into this and see if I can get one of the lip-zippers to discuss the chill.

Now, talk amongst yourselves.

Big Talk

Okay, slacker, so you missed last night’s airing of Big Talk on the WFHB Daily Local News.

Big Talk Logo Usable Screen Shot

Simple solution: Just listen to my interview with autism maven Adria Nassim here.

And keep in mind next week’s guests will be Jason Fickel and Ginger Curry.

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