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Heading outward from the Earth in a sphere-shaped electromagnetic wave shell, racing along at some 186,000 miles per second, last night’s episode of Big Talk featuring Ryder magazine and film series founder Peter LoPilato, should reach the possibly inhabited Earth-like planet, Proxima b, by…, oh…, let’s say December 1st, 2020.

So, the Proximans will have to wait. You, though, can hear the interview right now through the magic of clacking on your keyboard so as to access links to the audio.


Coming To A Planet Near You

Click here for WFHB’s Daily Local News Features site. Click here for this communications colossus’s Big Talk page and scroll down to the LoPilato entry.

And — hey — how’d you like to hear the entire nearly-hour-long interview with Pete? Yup, we’ve got it on the Big Talk page. While we were at it, we also put up the Long Track of last week’s Big Talk with Lucky Guy Bakery founder Joni McGary and Hopscotch Coffee co-owner Jane Kupersmith.

Happy listening!

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