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Tune Out, Turn Off, Drop Out

I haven’t listened to NPR’s Morning Edition once this week. Frankly, I’m burned out on the election. I simply had no desire to hear anything having to do with it, especially during his first-debate week. The next three or so weeks also will be rhetorical swamps, what with the VP debate scheduled for next week and then Hillary v. That Jerk, pts. II & III, to follow.

Oh, I read my New York Times daily, sure, assiduously avoiding all election articles. But I’m just sick to death of the campaign in a way I’ve never been before. Perhaps it has a little to do with the fact that I’m not head-over-heels in love with Hillary, although I am indeed head-over-heels in detestation over that other guy. To be sure, I find my vote for Hillary this Nov. to be the most important ballot I’ve ever cast in a presidential beauty contest, even if I am lukewarm about her.

It’s sad, though, that our political system has devolved thusly. I’d like to think we’ve reached the nadir, with the ascendance and — hopefully — dramatic and complete downfall of He Who Shall Not Be Named. But who knows?

Who’s the next loon to come down the pike and galvanize a big enough swath of know-nothings to gain a major party’s nomination for president? If that so-and-so turns out to be even more ludicrous a possibility than one D. Trump (shoot, I named him — dang!) Im going to have to smash my radio against the wall.

Theo Does The Right Thing

Then again…. How much do I love my Cubs? This much: Team president Theo Epstein, architect of the current assemblage that’s won more than a hundred games already this year and appears to be an unstoppable high-speed train hurtling toward the team’s first World Series victory in 108 years, is a Hillary supporter.



[Image: Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune]

Yep. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed has the exclusive today. She writes:

Theo Epstein and his family showed up unexpectedly at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Chicago on Thursday night, tossed her his support, and wrote her a personal check for her presidential campaign coffers.

“He (Epstein), who has magically turned the Chicago Cubs into the main event, met with Clinton privately and told her he was lending his support,” said a top Sneed source.

The Cubs president is bucking, in a way, his bosses — at least some of them. The Cubs are owned by the Ricketts family. Patriarch Joe Ricketts founded TD Ameritrade, a ginormous online stock brokerage with 6.6 million clients and handling nearly $700 billion in customer dough. The old man is a notorious right winger. He’s a tax-obsessive who helped found and run several tax and wasteful-spending watchdog groups that carry a lot of weight in Washington. Old Joe is of the opinion that Barack Obama is one of the worst things to happen to this holy land at least since the great 1918 flu pandemic. The Cubs are run by Joe’s kids, Tom, Pete, Laura and Todd, three of whom are right-ish to one degree or another. OTOH, daughter Laura, an out lesbian, is a known supporter of progressive causes.

In any case, Theo joining Hillary’s team makes me happy. Here’s hoping I get to celebrate two great victories over the crucial two-week period in late October and early November.

More Big Talk

Yesterday’s guest on Big Talk was IU Eskanazi Art Museum director David Brenneman. We had a ball in the studio together Monday afternoon. He’s one of the most dynamic, magnetic people you’ll ever want to meet. The word joie was coined for him.

Big Talk Logo Usable Screen Shot

Here’s the link to the Thursday WFHB Daily Local News feature with him and here’s the one for my Big Talk page, where you’ll find the Big Track — the largely-unedited, nearly-full-length interview I had with David. Enjoy.

Next week, my guests will be Danielle Burns and Liz Mitchell. Danielle directs the production, Resilience: Indiana’s Untold Story, co-written by Liz (along with Gladys DeVane), that will run October 14-16 at the John Waldron Arts Center. Resilience is a multimedia presentation recounting the black experience in the Hoosier State. Scads o’folks hardly even know there was a black experience in IN. Tune in next Thursday and find out about it.


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