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Six Of One….

A quick hit before I get into the meat of today’s post: VP candidate Mike Pence yesterday paid a return visit to Indiana to campaign for Republican gubernatorial hopeful Eric Holcomb. The GOP’s man is currently Lt. Gov. and before that served as the state Republican Party chair. Before that, he was a trusted advisor to Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, beginning in 2003.

So, for at least 13 years he’s been a key figure in the Republicans’ dominance over state politics and policy. Pence joined a number of Holcomb supporters in lauding him to the skies. Basically, here were their main arguments:

  1. Only Eric Holcomb can turn this state around, considering we’re in such a horrifying mess, and
  2. We must elect a Republican so we can stay the course.

Well, which is it?

The Bad Seed

The more I think about it, the less I can find any reason to excuse the actions of FBI boss James Comey last week.

As a professional, he was obligated to report in July that there were no grounds to charge Hillary Clinton with any crimes for her email setup. Yet, he found it necessary to append to his conclusion that little chide about her being “careless” which

  1. wasn’t true and
  2. is not within his job description

He’s the nation’s top law enforcement officer, not its kindergarten teacher.

As time went by, the fact that HRC appeared to be winning galled him all the more. There is something bizarrely hate-inducing about Clinton. It’s not her fault — Susan Faludi has a great take on that. Faludi wrote yesterday in the New York Times:

One of the mysteries of 2016 is the degree to which Hillary Clinton is reviled. Not just rationally opposed but viscerally and instinctively hated.

Faludi feels much of the odium derives from “masculine insecurity.” She wrote:

The GOP’s gender grudge feeds on its own defeat. As the culture moves further away from the conservative ideal — as women gain freedoms, minorities assert rights, same-sex marriage proves commonplace — the monster howls grow louder.

Acc’d’g to Faludi (and I agree), a quarter of a century ago the Far Right, the conservatives, the religious fundamentalists, the aging white men, et al decided a witch was responsible for all the coming changes that threatened them so. With the Bill Clinton ascension, all those scared bunnies knew who she was. He alone couldn’t be responsible for the evils that were to befall this holy land. Faludi wrote:

Hillary Clinton was anointed the feminine face of evil.


At Fault

Throughout history, females have been blamed for the evils of men. We like to think we don’t believe in silly things like witches anymore, but don’t be fooled.

Comey, like the rest of us, has been swimming in this cesspool of hate and blame for decades now. Who knows how much of that hate stuff has reverberated in his cranium as it became clear Clinton will be our next president? He may not even willingly think those thoughts, but he’s heard them. We’ve all heard them. If we’re for HRC, we wave them off derisively. Those who hate her can’t escape them, though. She must be stopped, they think. Obsessively.

The FBI director released the information that there are more emails to be heard — and allowed the implication to fester that crimes and treasons would be uncovered — a mere ten days before the election because he knows deep in his heart Hillary Clinton is…, well, evil.

I get the feeling this storm’ll blow over, especially when the rational citizenry realizes there’s absolutely nothing in the new emails that’d constitute any kind of probable cause.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama would be doing a desperately needed civic service the moment he fires Comey. And if he doesn’t, Comey has zero choice but to resign if the evil woman becomes president.

Evil-Hearted Woman Blues

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  1. Susan Sandberg says:

    Much ado about emails (as if that’s the worst thing America faces at the moment), and Comey needs his come-uppance. This nasty woman sees through the bull and I’m not havin’ it.

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