Hot Air: Hot Tip

Good news?

Joe Estivill just dropped by to give this global communications colossus the hottest tip of the week. Sez the co-proprietor of the Players Pub:

There is hope.

The venerable Bloomington music and grub joint which shuttered suddenly yesterday just may not remain closed long. Joe and Vicki are re-opening up tonight for an already-slated blues jam and, if all goes well the rest of this afternoon, acc’d’g to Joe, he may have an exciting announcement to make at 8:00pm.


Estivill’s not free to disclose details at this very second but he does reveal that certain members of the community just might have scads of generosity in their hearts. Natch, they’re thinking in business terms, yet an angel — or angels — appears to be on the horizon.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Hot Air: Hot Tip

  1. Donnie seaton says:

    And I see this just after 8 on Tuesday Nov 1, 2016! What is the good word?

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