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The Tall One & The Big One

Tall Steve Volan contacted this global communication colossus to set me straight. I reported here Thursday that Volan, Bloomington city council member representing the downtown area, has championed a brand new parking commission to handle issues related to curb congestion, the municipal garages and surface lots, and the parking meters in this sprawling megalopolis.

I wrote:


He and I had chatted briefly about the commission idea the night before at Nick’s English Hut while watching Game Seven of the planet-changing World Series [BTW: my beloved Chicago Cubs won it all — did you know?] We agreed to go into detail about it at a later time. When I typed up my post the next day I simply went to the Herald Times story on the council meeting and based the above on it. It was wrong and so was I. Here’s Tall Steve’s admonishment:

Hey Big Mike — Just a quick note: Ernest Rollins got the story wrong in the HT article too. The Parking Commission didn’t get a committee hearing last week when it was supposed to. During second reading Wednesday, Council decided to pass it anyway. It’s the law now. Maybe update your article?

Thanks, Steve. I’m sorry I got it wrong. Correction made.

Bridge, Not A Wall

Here’s my secret code for opposition to a [ugh, gag] Trump presidency:


It’s an opening bridge hand. The proper bid if the player holds it, is two, no trump. Ergo, my new Facebook cover photo, a play on words:


So, if and when the cut-rate Mussolini occupies the White House, those of us with a shred of sanity and decency left can flash the symbol to each other in solidarity.

Strength, babies.

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