Hot Air: We’re All Women Today

Wishin’ & Hopin’

The fantasy: After today, we enter a two week period wherein pix of this face…


… rapidly become less and less in our faces, until we gratefully and to the everlasting benefit to our mental health can wipe any traces of it from our collective memory.

The reality: This orange-skinned rectal polyp is clever enough to find ways to put his smug mug before us repeatedly until either he or we, whichever comes first, find solace in the grave.

If you thought Fox News was infuriating, just wait ’till you catch the glimpse you’ll promise yourself you’ll never take but in the end cannot resist, like looking at a picture of the decapitated victim of a car wreck, of his sure-to-follow new television venture.

And speaking of Fox News, how many of you out there would have guessed that this holy land would ever produce a presidential candidate who’s even too out-there racist, misogynistic, nativist, self-centered, chronically-aggrieved, and proudly uninformed even for that selfsame “Fair & Balanced” outfit. Fox News, after all, made its bones catering to to an audience that lovingly wallows in that cesspool of human flaws. I know I never thought it’d happen.


And before we wrench our elbows and/or shoulders patting ourselves on the back, we on the Left — whether by microns or miles — have shown a disturbing, growing tendency to rival the wingnut Right in wacky, daffy pronouncements. To wit: a commenter on social media last night wrote this:

Bill [Clinton] by signing NAFTA, created the causes and conditions under which Trump got his foothold… Therefore if you vote for a Clinton, who will create more of the same causes and conditions… you don’t get to blame me if Trump gets elected. It is YOUR fucking candidate who created this mess in the first place!

Just to clarify, this commenter was a Bernie Sanders supporter reacting to ongoing soc. med. peer pressure to vote for Hillary Clinton. And the commenter has distilled at least 400 years of white male supremacist, visceral “thought” — more accurately, a species-long history of such — to one simple, easy-to-swallow, demonizing dictum.


The dumbing-down of America, apparently, crosses all philosophical and political lines.

History, Babies

Not that I’m so in love with HRC that I want to marry her. She is, after all, the wife of and philosophical twin of a man who, when he first announced his intention to run for president in 1991-92, was my pick as the worst of a passel of Democratic wannabes for the nomination.

Nevertheless, I present to you (fingers crossed — toes, too) the first female president of the United States of America.


That makes me happy.


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