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It’s What’s For Dinner!

‣ Three days in and I believe, in my head, what has transpired, but in my gut? Hell no, I still don’t believe it.

‣ Lots of people on the Left are busy blaming each other for the victory of L’il Duce Tuesday. The pouty rhetoric is getting thick and uncivil. And here, we thought the Republicans were going to be the ones cannibalizing each other in these post-election days.

Newsweek shipped copies of its commemorative Election 2016 issue. We got a number of copies at the Book Corner Wednesday. Its front cover is a wall-to-wall snapshot of the grinning candidate the editors, obviously, were certain was going to win. That candidate is identified as “Madam President.”


Last night I googled “newsweek madame president ebay” and the first hit was an eBay item for a single copy of the edition. It sold on Nov. 9th at 5:33pm for $799.

‣ I dunno about you but I’m getting the same vibe on the street I got in the days immediately after the 9/11 attacks. And at least three separate people have said to me, “It’s like there’s been a death.”

‣ The wholly unexpected victory of L’il Duce really screws up his plans doesn’t it? The man wanted to start a cable TV operation that’d speak directly to the chronically aggrieved and the terrified white male demo. Now those gangs are in power — what do they have to be aggrieved about? I’m sure they’ll find something; they always do. But the President of the United States can’t really run around starting media empires while in office. Then again, this is Donald Trump.

‣ I get the feeling we’re in for a good twenty-year stretch of one-term presidents. L’il Duce‘s triumph came about largely because the dull-witted among us wanted change. L’il Duce ain’t gonna change the entire gov’t so those folks’ll be chomping at the bit again come 2020. And scads of liberals and progressives want new blood, too. We’re in for a roller coaster ride, babies.

‣ Nobody asked me but I’ll offer my advice to the Democratic Party anyway. Two pieces of advice, as a matter of fact.

  1. Lose the Clintons. I hate to say this. I voted for Hill. I thought she did a fine job as Sec’y of State and I was confident she’d be a terrific prez. I certainly am not blaming her for the loss, as some on my side of the fence are doing these days. But the truth of the matter is she’s toxic. So is Bill, but she possesses a value-added odium-trigger. It’s called a vagina. There’s a solid swath of the citizenry that can’t bear the idea of a woman being president but it’s a distinct minority. Problem is when you throw the deep, visceral, almost pathological hatred of her on top of that, suddenly the rabidly anti-Hillary demographic approaches 50 percent of the voting populace.
  2. Lose the sticks. My mother used to call all places well outside the city “the sticks.” The rural voters of the great, vast emptinesses stretching from the Mississippi-Missouri River system westward to the continental divide of the Rockies are never, ever going to vote Democratic. Nor are Indiana farmers, Georgia truck drivers, or Kentucky meth lab operators. They despise the cosmopolitan, diverse big cities that are the stronghold of the Democratic Party — or at least should be. The cities historically were, but then after the victory of St. Ronald in 1980 the Dems became scared little bunnies and started standing on their heads to court the voters in the sticks. Remember Michael Dukakis all gussied up in tank commander drag? How about John Kerry pretending to be a rough and tough outdoorsman? Forget it, Dems! Go back to your roots and speak directly to the working woman, the inner city man, the Latino, the black. The letter carriers and garbage haulers. Secretaries and nurses and schoolteachers and window-washers. Speak for the entire LGBTQ community. Call on the Arab immigrants. Give voice to the concerns of the Central American émigrés. All these demographics have grown considerably enough to provide you with victories in the future. Millions of people in the cities feel the Democrats have abandoned them — and they’re right. Now, roll up your sleeves and get them back, and welcome all the new bunches that the white supremacist wing of the Republican Party can’t and won’t tolerate.


Dukakis & Kerry: Play Acting For The Sticks Crowd


It’s comin’ to the USA, Leonard Cohen sang in 1992. Well, it’s here — and it’s got an awfully ugly face.

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  1. Maybe America was due for a relapse? Electing a black man to the presidency was a seriously extreme event given this nations closeted central view – so maybe this is us taking a deep breath and reassuring ourselves that it is really true that White-America is the “Right America”… [Sarcasm: for those who don’t know me] 😛

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