Hot Air: Tell It, Sis!

Don’t mourn; organize!

Yeah, I buy it. But Meryl Streep’s mourning-induced scolding of the president-elect at yesterday’s Golden Globes award ceremony gave me just the buzz I want as we head into the most humiliating, offensive quadrennial in my lifetime.

Haven’t heard it yet? Give an ear:

And then President Gag took to Twitter to insult her! Overrated? From our incoming leader’s lips to our ears. Thanks, all you 62,979,879 dumb bastards who voted him in.

Now, the rest of us, organize!

The Elite

One guy told me this AM that Meryll Streep should have just shut up and taken her award. Her speech and the setting in which she delivered it, said he, simply reinforce all the stereotypical betes noires that sent Prez Gag’s fanatics scurrying for the polls: Hollywood liberals, foreigners, reporters, critics, creative types, fags, dykes, trannies, miscegenists, etc.

As if now those gangs should simply shrivel up like the dead spiders they are.

I don’t buy it.

In fact, I want us to double down on it all. Yep. Let’s scream from the mountaintops that the Hollywood liberals, foreigners, reporters, critics, creative types, fags, dykes, trannies, miscegenists, and more — many, many more — are here and we ain’t goin’ nowhere. We’re going to hold Prez Gag’s feet to the flames until this holy land regains its mind and decides to elect a decent human being leader of the “free world.”

Sam Harris, the atheist spokesdude/philosopher/neuroscientist, chided my side of the fence after Prez Gag’s wholly baffling victory last Nov., saying Trump voters simply were telling liberal/progressive America to “go fuck  yourselves.” The elites of academia, the arts, and political thought, he said, had enraged the salt-of-the-earthers and so the latter dashed out to throw their arms around the most idiotic, self-involved, uninformed greed monkey they could find. Harris podcasted two days after the election:

And can you really blame them? I mean, safe spaces? Trigger warnings? New gender pronouns? Getting Muslim student groups to deplatform speakers like Ayaan Hursi Ali and Bill Maher? Was that the cause of your generation? That’s the trench you were willing to die in?

He’s right but he’s wrong. The safe spaces and trigger warnings gangs fell right into the Trumpists’ trap. Rather than working their asses off to make sure no one like the incoming harlequin-in-chief should come within sniffing distance of success, they held their breath about things that, quite frankly, weren’t as pressing.

But he’s wrong in implying that Trump voters somehow were justified in their deranged choice. They were mad about the coinage of the term cisgender and so turned the reins over to a man who’ll dismantle the EPA, defang financial institution regulators, cozy up to autocrats, blatantly enrich himself and his spawn at the public trough, and — last but not least — mock a cripple?

Naw, I’ll take the safe spaces, trigger warnings crowd over President Gag and his aiders and abettors any day.

Am I part of some elite? You’re goddamned right I am, if by elite you mean I’m one of those who read books, listen to diverse points of view, ponder implications, look to history for lessons…, who think for chrissakes!

Yeah. I’m better than all those know-nothing TV addicts who open up their front doors, see no poverty, and conclude that poverty doesn’t exist, who’ve lost their jobs and conclude that dark-skinned interlopers swiped them, or who built or bought twice the home they needed and could afford so as to show the world what big shots they were and then, when the housing crash came, decided it was the fags, the dykes, the abortionists, the sluts who want free birth control pills, and the unwed mothers who were to blame for all their ills.

Yeah, I am an elitist — and proud of it.

Gag Order

Notice I’ve stuck the moniker L’il Duce in my back pocket? Yup. For the time being, I’ll be going with President Gag. Makes perfect sense, no?

The very notion that DJT would become President of the United States of America was nothing more than a joke, a ridiculous gag at one time. And simply using the words president and Trump in the same sentence makes me…, well, gag.


2 thoughts on “Hot Air: Tell It, Sis!

  1. Susan Sandberg says:

    Spot on Mike, the best part of Streep’s brilliant comment was the case that Hollywood is largely made up of diverse folks from…Ohio, New Jersey, Iowa…all across this holy land. What makes them all special (elite, if you must call them that) is their ability to express empathy, show us how the other people feel. In the President Gag years, we’re going to need our artists more than ever. In fact, I predict this will be a time the arts thrive. Cheers to Hollywood, foreigners and a free press!

  2. Janis Starcs says:

    This immigrant would settle for a little dignity in the White House. Is that too much to ask for the next four years?

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