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Hey, I almost forgot — today is Big Talk Thursday.

My guess today will be Jack Dopp, the big boss at Bloomington News. He’s been delivering newspapers since he was a grade school kid back in the 1950s. He and his crew have been bringing newspapers from all over the country — and at times from all over the world — to Bloomington and South Central Indiana for decades.

Jack’s seen plenty of changes in the newspaper biz over the years. He remembers when Jim Spannuth of the Book Nook had to wait for the daily Greyhound Bus to pull into the Bloomington station so he could get his shipment of the New York Times. And then there was the grim, gray weekend in November of 1963 when Bloomingtonians lined up around the block to get news about the JFK assassination.


Jack joins me this afternoon on Big Talk, a regular Thursday feature on the Daily Local News. Tune in at 5:00pm on WFHB, 91.3FM.

As always, if you miss the broadcast, I’ll post links to the podcasts here tomorrow morning. And stay tuned next week when my guest will be aerial silks and drag king performer Sue Rall.


Sue Rall

Talk to you then!

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