Hot Air: An Infestation Of Knowledge

With the news that, apparently, the virtual knowledge database of the Environmental Protection Agency is in peril — President Gag’s admin. has locked down the agency’s records and files as well as its employees’ availability to the press — the fear is all we know about Big Mama Earth will be lost.

Don’t worry. Think of environmental scientists working for thousands of universities, advocacy groups, and conscious corporations as well as all the whistle-blowers photocopying paper files and saving digital files to their flash drives within the EPA itself as rats and cockroaches. L’il Duce can try to stomp every single one he sees but then he’ll be shocked at how many more pop up.


The Genie’s Out Of The Bottle

That’s how we have to think of ourselves in this era of President Gag — we’re the rats and cockroaches. Just try to eliminate us, you crazy bastard!

Info Kings

From Wisconsinite James Iverson (w/ a little visual aid from this global communications colossus):

The press in this guy’s country doesn’t criticize him or his administration. The people get their facts directly from him.


The Hair Club For Men

One has his way; the other wants to get it.

From Russia With Love

Wits and wags in the news media, soc. med., and on the street are starting to say — as if it’s gospel — that Russia stole the election for President Gag. Lemme pull the reins on this runaway conestoga wagon.


L’il Duce lost the election by a hair shy of three million votes. He won the presidency via the Constitution’s archaic technicality called the Electoral College. His boyfriend Vlad Putin’s plot failed if we’re going by raw popular numbers. The only way the Russians stole the election is if they somehow targeted key districts in either Michigan or Pennsylvania — or both. They didn’t.

All the evidence we have is that Putin’s intell apparatus floated phony and/or damaging (to HRC) stories — that already had gained traction to some degree or another in the national media. Putin’s spooks fired a shotgun and hoped for the best. FBI oberführer James Comey’s last minute email stunt did a hell of a lot more damage…, maybe. Does anyone really think all that many American voters were swayed from checking off Hillary Clinton’s square just because more stuff about her email atrocity came out? And that they then decided to vote for a carnival barker/con man whose domestic agenda was pretty much 180 degrees opposite hers?

No, Putin didn’t steal the election. Stupidity in America did. Democracy worked fairly well, save for that Electoral College bushwa. I’ll say it again: the worst thing about democracy is people.

First One’s Free, Kid

Yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day. Accordingly, I baked one this AM. In fact, it’s cooling on top of the stove as I type this.


I’ll give a piece* to anybody who comes in to the Book Corner this afternoon between 1 and 6 pm — yeah, really!

[ * While supplies last.]

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