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Betcha didn’t even know Gerle Haggard existed.


Mirl Girls

Yup. It’s a gang of gals who specialize in Merle Haggard covers. Their motto: “All Merle. All girl.” Right now, it appears they travel only within the confines of the Pacific Northwest. Book it, babies: If they ever do a Bloomington gig, I’ll be in the front row.

Their very existence makes me wonder: What would be a proper name for an all-female Beach Boys cover band?

How about the Bitch Boys*?

[ * Don’t get all huffy; I’m using the term in the appropriāte-the-pejorative sense, as in Bitch magazine or Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women. Phew, language is such a minefield these days.]


The footnote just above brings to mind some of the tortured justification for the nearly-63 million voters who believed on Nov. 8, 2016, that Pres. Gag was fit to be the Leader of the Free World.

Tens of millions of this holy land’s citizens, went the post-mortems, were sick to death of “political correctness” and therefore voted for the nearest pigshit-spewing, anti-intellectual, “straight-talking” jackass they could find.

Oh, lightbulb over my head! Of course. SMH. Why didn’t I think of that? I missed my chance to internalize a perceived slight that was actually directed against an imagined, nebulous elite and, in response, gamble on the future of democracy, freedom, and the very survival of the species to vote for a psychologically unsteady, morally bankrupt, proudly ill-read, famously grandstanding, pompous, venal, insulting, borderline personality disordered greed monkey who promises to gut consumer protections, the EPA, and financial regulators and will upend three-quarters of a century-worth of global power balance between nuclear-armed states.

That’ll show those PC police!


Take That, You Jack-Booted Thugs!

Mitch Goes To Hell(er)

So, Mitch McConnell pulled the old Catch-22 on E. Warren day before yesterday. She was in the process of criticizing President Gag’s Att’y. General nominee, Jeff Sessions. Only, McConnell pointed out, Sessions is a sitting US senator and, acc’d’g to the occasionally enforced rules of that august body, senators cannot criticize other senators. Boom. E. Warren’s mike was cut off.


Warren Reacts To McConnell’s Cut-off

I’m becoming more convinced by the minute that we’re gonna be fighting* these cheating bastards sooner rather than later.

[ * Precise parameters to be determined.]


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