Hot Air: Spring And A Fall

Happy Pitchers-and-Catchers-Report Day! My second-favorite day of the year.


The Cubs At Catalina Island In 1934

Let’s let another champ, Nobel Prize-winner Pablo Neruda, salute the day:

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.

Following Orders

If you think disgraced spook manager Michael Flynn horse-traded with the Russkies last December w/o the blessings and direction of his boss, President Gag, why then, you must have been one of those criminally credulous marks who voted for the aforementioned Con-man-in-Chief in the first place. That’s all I’m sayin’.


Flynn: V For Venal

Who’s Kate?

Had a rollicking interview yesterday afternoon with playwright/actor/funny person Emily Goodson for this week’s Big Talk.

She wrote the musical comedy, “Calling All Kates,” to be staged next month by the Bloomington Playwrights Project. With music penned by Jeremy Schonfeld, CAK will run from March 31st through April 15th. It’s BPP’s penultimate production this boffo season.


Emily Goodson

Emily’s a comic alchemist straight out of the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler/Amy Schumer school of laughs. In fact, that trio constitutes her fave jokesters extant.

“Calling All Kates” was inspired by a real viral Reddit phenomenon from a couple of years ago wherein some guy was jilted at the altar by his betrothed and so put out an ad for a replacement and then…, well, you’re just gonna hafta tune in aren’t you?

big-talk-logo-usable-screen-shot-copyBig Talk is a regular Thursday feature on WFHB‘s Daily Local News at 5:00pm. Spin your dial to 93.1FM, then click back here the next morning for the full-length, unedited interview with Emily.

Talk to you then.

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