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Is the President of the United States of America nuts? Remains to be seen. We can safely assume this, though: the 62,985,106 people who voted for him last fall sure as goddamned hell are.


BTW: That “mess” President Gag referred to yesterday, the one he claims to have inherited from the Obama Admin. and which has never, ever been characterized as such before by credible observers? I get the feeling the majority of American people are as baffled by this canard as am I.

Perhaps a more accurate take on L’il Duce‘s first 100 days — he’s one-third of the way through that so-called honeymoon period — can be found in the Pew Research Center’s poll measuring Americans’ approval of him.

And, yeah, P. Gag gets the thumbs-up from less than 40% of the public, the lowest early approval rating for the last six new presidents, and fully 25 points below that of — you guessed it — Barack Obama at the same time in his term.


A mess indeed.

Blotting Out The Sun

And before we start feeling sorry for the GOP because the party is stuck with L’il Duce, keep in mind the Republicans have been barreling down the Doofus Superhighway for decades now. P. Gag may be the orange harlequin who convinces the citizenry that the party of Saint Ronald, Pat Robertson, and Lee Atwater has the vision of the eastern mole (Scalopus aquaticus). That all that counts in this existence are the next quarterly report and tax reduction.

The environment, civil rights, voting rights, banking regulations, consumer protection, science, decency, humanity, heart — y’know the things that supposedly separate Homo Sapiens sapiens from the rest of the animal kingdom — have never been high priorities for the likes of the Bush clan and all the other Klans that make up the party.

An example: Yesterday, Indiana state Sen. Brant Hershman (R-Buck Creek) got his pet bill okayed by the senate Utilities Committee making it less attractive for taxpaying residents and businesses to install solar panel atop their structures. You know, those funny-looking glassy planes that capture the light of the sun and transform it into electrical power? So that we can burn less stuff like coal and gas to power our microwave ovens? Oh, and so we can depend less on volatile oil producers for our daily fix?

Yeah, that stuff. Solar panels.


The World’s Largest Solar Farm At Indy Airport

[Image: Alex Dierkman/Indiana Public Media]

God forbid we’d want to incentivize their use. Especially when the big publicly-traded utilities suffer allergic reactions whenever another customer installs them. It’d look bad, you see, on the next quarterly report. Again, that’s all that counts.

So, sure, we can one day be rid of Our New National Joke but we’ll still be saddled with an antediluvian, obsessively self-involved gang of greed monkeys.

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