Hot Air: Moneyball(ot)

So, Chris Kennedy is going to run against Bruce Rauner for Illinois governor in 2018.

Fine. I’m all for him. Hell, I’m all for anyone unseating the uber-privileged, entitled billionaire who, since his unexpected election in 2014, has been tearing down the scaffolding of social services that have propped up millions in the state for decades.

Rauner ousted a decent guy, Democrat Pat Quinn, who simply did not have the war chest to compete. Rauner spent an estimated $65 million on his campaign, a figure the Chicago Tribune worked out to $36 a vote. He spent more than $20 million in the campaign’s final month, overcoming Quinn’s slim polling lead.

Rauner’s campaign message was eerily similar to President Gag’s: I’m an outsider and I’m the only guy who can fix the government.

Last year, Rauner poured millions of his own dollars into the campaigns of Illinois statehouse Republicans.

Sadly — tragically — that’s the game we have to play when it comes to “democracy” in this holy land today.

It’ll take another wealthy guy to even have a chance against him. Kennedy is just that. He has another ace up his sleeve in that he’s the son of Bobby Kennedy. The Kennedy name, in any state of the union, has got to be worth half a million votes.


Bobby & His Boy

So, the best and brightest hope to beat Rauner — L’il Duce-lite — is a rich, pampered scion of a dynastic family. That normally adds up to two strikes against him in my book, only sometimes the batter hits a home run on an 0-2 count. Should Kennedy topple Rauner, it’d be a game-winning blast.

American politics. Anyone who jumps into the game — even the lowly voter — needs to take a long, thorough, scalding shower afterward.

Party Planners

Hey, maybe my people have learned something from the Tea Party movement. Last night hundreds drove from all over the state of Iowa to attend right-wing ideologue Sen. Joni Ernst’s town hall meeting in Maquoketa. Ernst, following GOP strategy, planned the gathering in a rural part of the state with a single issue — veterans affairs — on the docket. Her hope, clearly, was to sidestep sticky issues.

Unhappily for her, the overflow crowd peppered her with angry questions about health care as well as P. Gag’s actions. She took a powder when it became clear the town hall wouldn’t be a love fest. Here’s a vid of the angry mob reacting as Ernst gave them the slip:

The President himself tweeted that protests like this one are “planned out by liberal activists.”

Well, yeah, thanks Einstein.

Say What?

More on P. Gag: His acolytes these days are saying, Mang, don’t pay any attention to what he says; concentrate on what he means.

Which is awfully confusing. I thought L’il Duce was the straight talker, the guy who never minces words. Make up up your minds, Trumpists. If you have any.

We’re Wanted

It’s official: The City of Bloomington wants to pull The Loved One and me to its bosom. Here’s the official letter from Mayor John Hamilton’s office notifying us of his intentions to make us part of Bloomington’s big loving family:


And here’s the sked for the public meetings at which we can shriek to high heaven about Hamilton’s annexation scheme:

  • Monday, March 20, 6-8p
  • Tuesday, March 21, 6-8p
  • Wednesday, March 22, 11a-1p
  • Thursday, March 23, 11a-1p
  • Friday, March 24, 6-8p
  • Saturday, March 25, 11a-1p

All sessions will be held in City Council Chambers at City Hall, 401 N. Morton St.

See you there.

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