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I was all for Pete Buttigieg for Democratic National Committee chair. I would have been just as thrilled had Keith Ellison won the post. Thomas Perez, the former Labor Sec’y and darling of “the establishment,” was so far down on my list — mainly because he’s a loyal Clintonista — that my sheet of paper would have had to be 23 feet long before his name appeared.

But Perez has won the chairmanship. He will steer the party through the 2018 mid-term elections. He will set the course for the overthrow of President Gag’s reich.


Donna Brazile Makes The Announcement — Perez (L) And Ellison React

[Screenshot from CNN video]

The fact that Perez was the last guy I wanted to hold the position is meaningless. He is a progressive. His stances on most social issues are mine. If he and I were sitting around having drinks and talking politics, we’d end the night with cricks in our necks from nodding at each other constantly. Is he in league with the Goldman Sachs/Wall Street mob? Sure. I’d call him out for it. Hell, we might even start bouncing shot glasses off each others’ coconuts.

But if P. Gag and/or one of his obergruppenführers walked into the bar, rest assured Perez and I would then start launching our glassware at them.

Whatever differences Perez and I have would be forgotten — for the moment — as we united against a far more dangerous and immediate enemy.

In fact, Thomas Perez and I are not enemies.

When I decided to vote for Bernie Sanders in last May’s Indiana primary, I did not view Hillary Clinton or any of her supporters, coatholders, enablers, strategists, or apologists as enemies. Today, now that Clinton has suffered the most unfortunate political loss of the young century and the L’il Duce phenomenon has become, in the words of Mike Leonard, “the biggest thing since WWII. It’s that consequential,” I want her out of the Democratic halls of power. I want her to go somewhere, sit on the beach, read a good novel, and bounce her grandkids on her knee.

This even though I voted for her happily and proudly in November.

That’s because when push comes to shove I know it’s vital we liberals, progressives, Democrats, and every other thoughtful, aware, well-read, caring observer in this holy land must come together to stop the madness.

It’s that simple.

Once we kick the crap out of the Trumpists — metaphorically, for all you paranoiac Righties who might happen upon this page — then we, me and you and Perez and even Hillary’s grandkids, once they become old enough to opinionate, can screech at each other from morning to night over the banksters and every other villain in America who may or may not have infiltrated our philosophically impure party.

Just like the Republicans have been doing since the mid-1970s. And in case you haven’t noticed, even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in these United States, the GOP controls the US Senate and House, the White House, the Supreme Court, and virtually two-thirds of all the governor’s mansions and statehouses.

That’s because they come together when push comes to shove.

The Right Thing To Do

BTW: Perez then named Keith Ellison deputy chair of the party. He did so as gave his acceptance speech.


Perez And Ellison Embrace

That’s a good sign. A great sign.

One the rest of us have to follow.

Twitter Twaddle

P. Gag immediately tweeted a snarky response to Perez’ victory, typing something on the order of the Republican Party couldn’t be happier. Perez took to his own Twitter account to type:

Keith Ellison and I, and Democrats united across the country, will be your worst nightmare.

Here’s hoping.

A Good Sport

Speaking of Twitter, longtime Chi-town sportscaster Mark Giangreco found himself in a huge pot of boiling water last week. He’d tweeted:


I love it!

He was reacting to the tweet by Toronto Star sports columnist Bruce Arthur:


Giangreco was immediately suspended by the ABC owned-and-operated station he works for, leading to an outcry among folks saying things like free speech is dead, etc.

Although I agree with every letter of Giancreco’s tweet, this is not a free speech issue. He used his professional Twitter account identifying himself, essentially, as a spokesperson for his company. His company has every right to sit him in the corner for that breech of corporate protocol. His ABC Ch. 7 bosses say their on-air personalities are expressly forbidden from issuing public political statements in their roles as employees thereof.

For the ten thousandth time, the First Amendment applies to the government, not to the guy who signs your or my paycheck.

Still, I dig Mark Giangreco the most.


Did you catch the news that P. Gag’s henchmen are cooking up ways overturn legalized recreational marijuana-use laws in the states that have adopted them?


Forget the argument that this proves L’il Duce‘s previous state’s rights bleatings to be bullshit. That’s a given. But for pity’s sake, these bastards are too stupid to even know that a tyranny, in order to go about its nefarious business, needs a pliant citizenry zoned out on drugs or alcohol.

Here’s a suggestion: Let’s all stay fairly straight until we kick the dopes out of office. Then we can party.

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