Hot Air: Money For Nothin’

I don’t quite know why I’m bothering but I feel compelled to point this out:

Indiana University will pay Tom Crean $4 million to go away. That’s IU’s penalty [Article VI, clause 6.02, section F] for firing him without cause before his 12-year contract elapsed. Had the University waited until July 1st, they’d only have to pay him $1 million.

So, our sprawling megalopolis’s institution of higher learning thought it better to piss away 3-XL right now rather than wait 2½ months to kick Crean to the curb.

Three million freaking dollars.


And, yeah, I know, y’gotta get on with recruiting and preparing for next year, et cetera, et cetera.

Still. Three million bucks.

Get To Work

Meanwhile, those lazy old fuckers who don’t work (yeah, I know, retired — whatever) and are going all boo-hoo on us because the Republican gov’t is ditching the Affordable Care Act oughtta go out and get jobs so’s they can pay their health insurance premiums. That’s what they oughtta do. Losers.

See? She’s Got A Job — What About You Now?

The Best Of All Possible Worlds

Lucky it’s been so gorgeous the last few days otherwise just living in this bizarre holy land would be depressing the bejesus out of me.

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