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Long, long ago, I realized the Republican Party in this holy land was bereft of ideas. From the time of St. Ronald through the onset of the reign of Bush II, their only calling card was taxes. As in, there are too many taxes oh my god we’re all gonna die from tax inhalation please save us from the scourge of taxes won’t somebody wave a magic wand and give us everything we want w/o us having to pay for it we beg you.

The very idea of more taxes brought down the Reagan Empire in 1992, after its pharaoh by Constitutional mandate, George H.W. Bush, committed the mortal sin of actually calling for higher taxes. This after having promised in 1988, “Read my lips — no new taxes.” Of course, GHWB had to find money from somewhere to put a dent in the federal deficit that had ballooned threefold after eight years of The Sacred President’s reign. No matter.

Bush I’s Republican base was so appalled by the idea of the president informing us we’d actually have to pay for things that they ditched him when he ran for a second term.

Even after 9/11, when the Republicans discovered another simpleton’s talking point — Muslim terrorists — taxes remained at or near the top of every GOP loyalist’s “thought process.”

As the Republicans have gerrymandered their way to hegemony both at the fed level and in the vast majority of statehouses[*], the notion of slicing and dicing governmental budgets so as not to ask for a single penny more in taxes, necessary programs and institutions have, naturally, suffered. Take, for instance, Las Vegas. Almost precisely a year ago, officials voted to expand class sizes in Clark County schools, to reduce the number of year-round schools, and to close a desperately needed school for troubled and troublesome students. The reason? Why, there wasn’t enough money to pay for more teachers and facilities and to operate that last-resort home for teens on the road to nowheresville.

[ * This even though more Americans identify with the Democratic Party than the Republican.]

See, property tax rates had been capped. Y’know, because taxes are our dread enemy.

So, keeping our taxes to a bare minimum, as we can see, is more important than education, natch. Hell, slashing taxes is more important than life itself, for chrissakes, right?

Wrong. The Nevada legislature has agreed to pony up $750M so as to build a spanking new home for the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders, who’ll ditch their hometown just as soon as the new palace is complete. The Raiders are escaping their current horrible digs because Oakland will not finance through public funds a new Taj Mahal for them. Oakland’s mayor and city council as well as Alameda county officials say they have better things to spend their money on, the tyrants.

Pony Up

And how will the people of Vegas and Clark County pay for the Raiders’ new nearly $2B playground? Higher taxes.

Nothing — not even taxes — is more important than football. Either that or anti-taxers are liars. And assholes.

Pay Master

Speaking of sports, LPGA officials and reporters who cover the women’s game say President Gag is a swell egg. This despite his history of body shaming every other women on the planet and his documented proclivity to get to know females by grabbing their pussies, no matter if they’ve been introduced or not.

One LPGA beat reporter, the Golf Channel’s Karen Stupples, says, “I have experienced nothing but good things from him…. And I think the LPGA in general feels that same way, that he was very respectful….”

In informal polls, most women professional golfers indicate they would jump at the chance to play with L’il Duce, presumably regardless of the risk of having their pussies grabbed.

Well, golly gee, why would females feel so kindly toward…, well, a prick? From the New York Times:

Before [he whose legal name I refuse to utter or type] became the 45th president of the United States, he was the Daddy Warbucks of women’s golf, hosting the top players every year at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., during the LPGA’s season-ending ADT Championship at Trump International Golf Club. In 2006, the tournament’s first-place prize was $1 million, a milestone that the men had reached seven years earlier.

In his prepolitics life as a real estate mogul, Trump dispensed business advice to the LPGA players and invited them to his courses for informal rounds of golf.

Call me a mansplainer but I’m going to conclude they need a new sugar daddy. Better yet, how about a sugar mamma? The likes of Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Irene Rosenfeld, Indra Nooyi, Lady Gaga, Ursula Burns, and even Bloomington’s own Gayle Cook carry wallets big enough to fund the women’s game.

Sister, Can You Spare A Mill?

First I Look At The Purse

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  1. janis starcs says:

    Your comments about Oakland reignited one of my favorite hobbyhorses. At a time when cities are stinting on public transportation and social services, being held up for ransom by sports team owners for the entertainment of the well off is an outrage. This happened in Indianapolis, and I’m still mad about it.


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