Hot Air: Be Cool

Been looking for new posts here? In case you’re wondering, I’ve been busy. Too busy to post.

My advice? Find something else to do for a while. Read a good book. Watch a classic movie. Go for a walk. Talk to your neighbor. Play a musical instrument. Dig in your garden. Cook. Then, when I’m finished doing what I’m doing right now and I can get back to posting (semi-)regularly here, your days and nights again can be filled with all Big Mike, all the time. Or at least the 15 or so seconds you kindly devote to these ramblings and screeches each day.

Don’t miss my weekly Big Talk feature on WFHB‘s Daily Local News every Thursday. The DLN begins at 5pm and Thursday’s Big Talks usually air at about 5:15. If you miss the original air date, click here.

And catch my series of Big Talk-based profiles in the Limestone Post. Editor & publisher Ron Eid has christened them “Big Mike’s B-town” and he actually pays me for them, the nut. Anyway, go to the LP for that and more great stuff.



Peace, love & soul.

One thought on “Hot Air: Be Cool

  1. David Paglis, a mariner on this sea of madness. says:

    As Kevin Kline hollered in A Fish Called Wanda: DISAPPOINTED!

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