Hot Air: Me Talk Big

So, here’s the link to my Big Talk interview with Michael Waterford yesterday on WFHB, 91.3FM.

Next week, political junkie, jazz keyboard tickler, and IU poli-sci prof Jeff Isaac. Y’know, he’s from New York City and I’m from Chi., so if our conversation should take a turn toward the bellicose you’ll know either the Cubs or the Yankees embarrassed the other of our respective, beloved nines at Wrigley Field this weekend.

Go To Grass

Say what you will about the endless showers we’ve been experiencing here in the Southeast Asian rain forest…, er, I mean Bloomington but, man, it is unbelievably gorgeous and green out these days (as long as you can see past the soul-crushing gray.)

BTW: This reminds me. My mother used to have a pet retort for people who said things she considered preposterous, stupid, or that she simply disagreed with. She’d say, with a contemptuous wave of her hand, “Go to grass!”

I never could figure out what that meant so I asked her once long after I’d become an adult. She looked at me as if I’d asked her what the phrase “Good morning” meant. I pressed her and she simply shrugged.

Fortunately, she didn’t tell me to go to grass. That time.

Let It Rain

I mean, like, as if we have a choice.

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