Hot Air: Advertisements For Myself

Yeah, that’s right, I ripped off the headline from Norman Mailer. That’s what he called his 1959 collection of essays and fiction. Not that I compare myself to Himself, after all, I’ve never had the urge to stab my wife in the belly with a penknife. As for The Loved One’s plans re: me, well…, you’ll have to ask her.

Anyway, Bloomington author Annette Oppenlander gets the Big Mike’s B-town treatment in the latest edition of Limestone Post. She’s excited, I’m excited, my editor Ron Eid is excited, and the electric company’s excited because, at last, I’ll be able to pay the bill.

Annette’s new book is called Surviving the Fatherland. It’s a love story set in Third Reich Germany and during the years immediately afterward.

Keep clicking on Limestone Post for more great stories by other fab keyboard clackers as well as me. And, speaking of me, my next BM’s B-ton will be on adventurer, explorer, and writer Michael Waterford next month.

Talk Clean To Me

Both Annette Oppenlander and Michael Waterford have been guests on my WFHB interview show, Big Talk, a regular Thursday feature of the Daily Local News. This week’s guests will be Mohammed A. Mahdi and Anthony Duncan of the Soapy Soap Company. They, along with Mohammed A.’s brother Mohammed M., started making their own soap in the kitchen of the apartment the three shared some five years ago. Now they run a thriving body care manufacturing outfit.

Click on over to the Soapy Soap website when you get a chance because the interview was video recorded by the company’s director of communication, Susan Brackney. She’ll post it thereon as well as on social media.

So, tune in Thursday for the 5:00pm Daily Local News on 91.3FM. The feature usually airs around 5:14pm. If you miss it, as always, I’ll post links to it as well as the entire, uncut original interview here.

Talk to you later.

Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta my Hair

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