Hot Air: He Makes Me Laugh

I happened to meet a couple of the standup comedians who appeared at Jared Thompson’s spectacular Limestone Comedy Festival this weekend. Lauren Faber of Durham, North Carolina, and Rachael Goldman of Evansville shared the weekend’s bill with the likes of W. Kamau Bell, Fortune Feimster, Colin Quinn, Jo Firestone, Janelle James, and scads of others.

They were profoundly impressed with the work that Thompson has done in putting together B-town’s annual yuck extravaganza. In fact, our brief tête-à-tête-á-tête became a tad contentious when the two jokesters started arguing about whether the Limestone was the planet’s second- or third-greatest standup fest. What fest is better than Bloomington’s? One said Bridgetown and the other nodded. Moontower was suggested and quickly shot down. Toronto. New York. Boston. LA. Nope. None better than our town’s.

I dunno where LCF stands in the latest rankings and I don’t care. All I know is Thompson is putting this town on the map, babies.

Funny thing is, not long ago I ran into Jared on the street and he and I, both in a mad rush to get somewhere else, found it necessary to stop and talk about what ails our beloved Cubs this year. At least three times during the convo, each of us said, “I gotta get going, but one more thing….”

Here’s one more thing for you: If you’re not at next year’s Limestone Comedy Fest, you’re nowhere, dig?

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