Hot Air: Running Man

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Check.

Governor Buttigieg?

President Buttigieg?

Time will tell.

This global communications colossus — plus WFHB radio — has him. I recorded Pete live Wednesday, June 14th, here in our town. Here’s the link to yesterday’s Big Talk feature with Buttigieg on the WFHB Daily Local News. And here’s the link to Pete’s full-length talk Wed. AM at a breakfast meet-and-greet with scads o’Democratic Party big shots.

So sue me: As I typed this post out, I couldn’t shake the image of the children’s book character, Pete the Cat. And now he’s your brainworm, too!

And Another Pete

Along with some dude named Bruce. This video makes me wanna cry. Honest. Think of it: We once had a president at whose inauguration, eight long, long years ago, protest folk singer Pete Seeger and rock icon Bruce Springsteen happily played “This Land Is Your Land”!

That land was indeed my land. This land? Don’t ask.

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