Hot Air: Canon’s Shot

It looks as though ace civil rights attorney Dan Canon will run for Congress in our 9th District.


[Image: LEO Weekly]


Political junkies and law geeks may recognize his name from Obergefel et al v. Hodges, the 2015 US Supreme Court case that affirmed same-sex marriage in this holy land. Canon repped the triumphant plaintiffs.

My eye may be sharp when it comes to his ambitions but it’s less acute when I try to look into the future and predict a victory for him. Then again, if I were to disregard my hopes and dreams, I might be eagle-eyed as a seer and report that, yes, this is the Hoosier State and, yes, the Republican legislature has drawn its district maps so as to guarantee a Festung Indiana until well into this 21st Century, so this man who speaks to so many of my wants and wishes likely will fail in his first attempt to go to Washington.

That’s alright — for now. As Pete Buttigieg said last week, the good among us must keep running, even if we lose once or twice before finally reaching the mountaintop. And, yeah, the very imperfect party of the good has been getting trounced of late. Collectively, the Democrats are moving into twice territory, although it seems as though the party has been losing since we were all little kids.

Keep in mind the Democrats as recently as 2010 controlled both chambers of Congress and have won the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections. Democrats are not a minority in this holy land even if it sometimes appears to be so.

One woman who’s eagerly jumping on the Canon bandwagon told me the dilemma is this: Do we support a true progressive candidate — who may well lose — or do we look for one of those half-libs, a pro-life Dem, for instance — and still lose?

All I know is we’ve got to take some lumps right now. That, and we’ve got to double down on our convictions. The Democratic Party today appears to have no convictions. Task No. 1: Set our moral, philosophical, and political compass to true north and then, maybe, we can find our way out of this dark forest.

If you’ve a mind to find out who Dan Canon is, here are a few links that may help:

The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead

Back from my days in college radio, this XTC tune is one of the few pop hits dealing with actual politics. That is, it talks about a candidate for office, albeit fictional, natch. Another big song I can thing of along those lines is The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” And then there’s Bright Eyes’ “When the President Talks to God.” Can you think of any others?

3 thoughts on “Hot Air: Canon’s Shot

  1. Catryna J Loos says:

    So, does he live in Indiana ???

  2. Mary Helen Ayres says:

    Yep, a native Hoosier from New Albany.

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