Hot Air: The Comedy Apocalypse

Admit it: Never in your wildest nightmares did you foresee nuclear war starting thanks to the intransigence of two dick-waving, delusional clowns playing chicken with each other.

All this time, you thought armageddon would be prosecuted by serious statesmen, speaking in hushed voices, imploring each other over their hotlines not to allow the world to descend into inferno. Y’know, like in the movies.

Fail Safe

But…, oh yeah…, both Moscow and New York City were fried anyway so…, y’know….

A Different Success

The voiceover on the promo for my Big Talk radio interview show (the dulcet-toned Cindy Beaule, BTW) tells us the show features Bloomington souls who are “creative, exciting, successful.” My guest on yesterday’s show doesn’t have a paying gig and doesn’t have a permanent address (very often, she doesn’t have a place to sleep at night). She doesn’t have health insurance, a bank account, or even a full set of IDs (they were swiped). Her name is Peggy. She’s homeless.


Peggy, though, is extremely creative — she finds ways to go on despite all the aforementioned snags. She’s  exciting as she conveys an irrepressible hope that things are going to turn out just fine, eventually. And she’s successful: like you, like me, she gets up every morning bound and determined to make something of this day.

Peggy told me her story in a noisy room at the Shalom Center Wednesday. You can hear the eight-minute feature on that chat I cobbled together here. You can catch the full interview with her here.

And the next time I hear some SOB talking about how lazy the homeless are or how they’ve brought all their problems on themselves, he just might walk away with a bloody nose.

Can Canon?

Next week my Big Talk guest will be candidate for US Congress from Indiana’s 9th District, Dan Canon. The New Albany lawyer made a national rep for himself when he argued for marriage equality in the US Supreme Court case, Obergefel v. Hodges, which decision, BTW, came down just a tad over two years ago, on June 26, 2015.


[Image: Adam Brodsky/Rhymes Against Humanity]

Catch Big Talk Thursday, July 13th, on the WFHB Daily Local News at 5.

Talk, Talk

We can kid each other all we want about how the Democratic Party might make the white working class fall in love with it again. We’ve been flooded with articles, essays, and think pieces suggesting all the Dems have to do is coo sweet nothings into blue-collar America’s ear.

Then again, there’s this:

Democratic liberals have spent years responding to the racist and bigoted attitudes of many white working class voters by calling them racist and bigoted, which has alienated them.

— From Agenda, “Primary Colors: On Democratic Presidential Politics,Neoliberalism, and the White Working Class,” by Osita Nwanevu

I’m guessing those folks aren’t going to be swayed no matter what the Democratic message might be.


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