Hot Air: Putin Nailed It

Perhaps one reason — maybe the only real reason — President Gag is…, well, gagging at the notion that a social media and ersatz news campaign waged by Vladimir Putin and his Russian spooks last year might have propelled him into office is the plot’s agents were salivating over the prospect of a ditzy, ill-prepared, unqualified, divisive clown taking over this holy land.

[Image: AP]

Putin et al weren’t pulling their dirty tricks to benefit their swell friend Li’l Duce. It wasn’t as if they wanted him to succeed and be all he could be. Nah. They meddled and hoped he’d win because what better way would there be to weaken America and isolate it in the world community? The Li’l Duce win last Nov. put the world’s last remaining superpower in the hands of a dope who has no idea how to run a country and whose risible efforts to do so are putting us behind the eight ball in pretty much every diplomatic and trade scenario extant.

Putin is clever. And he ain’t nobody’s friend.

Dramatic Acts

Six people were charged — four with felonies and two with misdemeanors — for hanging a big “Resist” banner on Chicago’s Trump Tower Friday afternoon. They are affiliated with Greenpeace. Through the years since its founding in 1971, the global environmental activist org. has hung banners, well…, all over the world. Greenpeace’s website as of this afternoon features a photo of the banner hanging on the Tower’s curtain wall.

It’s an interesting illustration of my post yesterday wherein I cite philosopher Richard Rorty, who two decades ago said the Left, basically, will shoot itself in the foot so much that eventually America will respond by electing a strongman demagogue.

Which has happened.

But is the ascension of President Gag Greenpeace’s fault? No, inasmuch as Greenpeace has been largely out of the news the past few years. The org.’s colorful and dramatic demonstrations — their small dinghies blocking enormous aircraft carriers, disrupting GMO crop acreage, and, yes, hanging big banners from tall buildings — have become, in the public eye, rather ho-hum.

Rorty said the Left is “more likely to mobilize to occupy a park or shut down a freeway than to register voters.” IIRC, Li’l Duce was declared president when the electoral votes were tallied last fall, not the number of banners hung on tall buildings.

Dig: Two of the four who were charged with felonies this weekend came from Chicago’s tonier suburbs, Deerfield and Glencoe. The latter town, as a matter of fact, is America’s twelfth wealthiest locale, acc’d’g to a Bloomberg survey published in March. Given our holy land’s history and the stacking of the deck that has evolved over the past 241 years, a daughter or son of Glencoe or Deerfield ought to be in line to become president, or at least senator. But the daughter and son in Q. have decided instead to hang a big banner on Trump’s Chi-town phallic symbol and subsequently were invited to cool their heels in a lockup. They weren’t given the option to decline the invitation.

I honestly don’t know if such arm-waving is effective. Some say Greenpeace is responsible for the growing worldwide awareness of climate change in the 1990s. I wouldn’t say that’s ridiculous but I’ve yet to see any hard data proving it. I do know that the six who were charged likely aren’t ringing doorbells and registering voters.

And we can safely assume that the hanging of the banner won’t win a single extra vote for whoever runs for Congress on the anti-insanity ticket in 2018 or against Li’l Duce himself in ’20.

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