Hot Air: Digging In

I hope you’re not holding your breath in anticipation of President Gag’s followers shrugging and saying, “Gee, you were right about the bastard,” in light of this latest revelation in the Russkie election interference story.

Acc’d’g to a report in today’s New York Times, D. Trump, Jr, unfortunate spawn of the sitting American Head of State, got an email before a meeting with a Russian operative telling him this particular spook was bringing him info that would damage Hillary Clinton. That, and the reason he was getting the dope at all was because, well, Russia had an interest in the outcome of the 2016 race.

Pretty damning stuff, no?

Well, sure, to you and me. Then again, should the information be revealed that Li’l Duce bites his fingernails, the folks on my side of the fence are likely to say, “Aha!”

Those on the other side of the fence? They’re prob. going to say “Aha!” too. But that doesn’t mean they’re on our side now. Nope. They’re going to hear this — if at all; it’s even money Fox News won’t give this report the same weight the NYT does, so there’s that — but if they do hear of it, that triumphant splutter will preamble their now reinforced smug assurance that Hillary Clinton did something horribly rotten that the Russians just had to report to the Gag campaign, because even they are good global citizens when compared to Hillary. In fact, Gag-ists will assert, she’s an arch-criminal.

Good Guy (L), Bad Guy

So, as I say, don’t hold your breath. You’ll turn blue.


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