Hot Air: Kilroy’s, Pt. II

They Serve & Protect

Susan Sandberg and Steve Volan have assured me — and Bloomington — they’re doing everything within their clearly-defined power to rein in the operators and patrons of Kilroy’s in that gang’s apparent effort to get every Indiana University student soused to the gills regardless of age or capability.

This is precisely what I — we — wanted and needed to hear. The Kilroy’s issue fits to a tee the purview of the city council. It’s a local thing having to do with quality of life and public safety. And while I never doubted the depth of care Sandberg, Volan, and the rest of council had re: the rape-culture bacchanal being peddled at the southeast corner of Dunn and Kirkwood, I was concerned they were positioning themselves as mere bystanders in the drama. They’re not. I’m glad.

The Hell To Come

One little part of me wants to shout You go! at the masked hellraisers who kicked the crap out of the right wing protesters at Berkeley’s King/Civic Center Park yesterday afternoon. A small group of protesters had gathered, with permit, to screech about how Berkeley — and, presumably, the rest of the civilized world — is becoming a cesspool of Marxists. Acc’d’g to reports, many of the protesters wore red as a symbol of their devotion to the Supremacist-in-Chief, our very own President Gag.

A Reporter Shields A Man From Further Walloping

[Click here for video of the incident]

Honestly, if anyone in this holy land deserves a good crap-kicking, it’s those little pishers who slavishly declare their fealty to the man who squeaked into the White House on a technicality last fall.

Then again, many in Li’l Duce‘s army are not pampered little Fauntleroys but real, honest-to-gosh tough guys who carry firearms proudly (and a tumescently). You know as well as I do that those maniacs watched TV news reports of yesterday’s rumble and started salivating as they reached for their Glocks and long guns. My guess is they went to sleep last night fondling their pieces.

Don’t doubt the next gathering of P. Gag groupies will be attended by more than a few itchy-trigger-fingered lunkheads. Nor should you doubt that in the next few months — and years — we will see bloodshed as this boil comes to a head.

Another thing that bothered me was the masked marauders’ reported attacking of journalists who were trying to record the melee. I’m a kid of the Sixties and I recall, vividly, Chicago police beating the bejesus out of reporters and photographers on the streets during the ’68 Democratic Convention.


It sickened me then and it sickens me now — and I don’t care if it’s The Man or The Antifa-Man who’s doing the pounding.

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