Hot Air: Good Talk, Reckless Talk

Now then, here are this week’s Big Talk links.

Go here for yesterday’s feature with Sam Stephenson on WFHB‘s Daily Local News. Go here for the complete, unedited interview with Sam, done Tuesday at ‘FHB world HQ.

Then get on over to the Book Corner or your fave local book peddler (although why the BC wouldn’t be your number one choice is beyond me) and cop copies of both The Jazz Loft Project and Gene Smith’s Sink, Stephenson’s gorgeous and compelling books.

Thelonious Monk & Company Rehearse At The Jazz Loft

Damage Control

Overheard at a diner yesterday AM: Bloomingfoods is about to close its doors forever. Maybe next week, maybe the week after.

I’ve seen no evidence that a Blooming-pocalypse is on the immediate horizon. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me one iota should the worst occur. Still, when the general citizenry is babbling about your impending doom, you’ve got a big stinkin’ mess on your hands.


Personal to the Bloomingfoods brain trust: You’d better put the word out that you’re still hale and hearty, at least for the next week or two.

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