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Okay, first, it’s Kid Rock spewing emesis and calling it a political speech and now this:

No, there isn’t any link; you don’t need one. All you need to know is what you see in the picture.

We are doomed.

[h/t to Eric Zorn]

[Update: The above image is from March, 2010, soon after the ACA (AKA Obamacare) was passed. Just a reminder — as if you need it — that Fox News has been shoveling horse feces for years.]

Horror Cave

In the running for the weirdest local story of the year — the kid who was trapped in a cave for three freaking, freaky days.

Sullivan Cave In Lawrence County

[Image: Adam Haydock]

The kid, punnily named Lukas Cavar, is an Indiana University freshman. He went on the trek with the campus caving club Sunday morning. The bizarro-ness of the whole thing was the series of screw ups that resulted in his marooning. His partner in the buddy system never reported him missing and the spelunking tour leaders who supposedly took head counts at the beginning and end of the event missed him. The kid himself seems so thrilled to be freed — and alive — that he’s refraining from screaming bloody murder. Says he of his buddy partner, “I guess she didn’t notice I was missing.” And of the team leaders, “I guess they didn’t notice I was missing.”

No one remembered that he’d been with them? No one called the cops or the fire department? Some 60 hours later, a lightbulb must have gone on over the heads of some of the cavers so they went back to the cave to look for him — as if he was an expensive flashlight someone had dropped during the tour.

Nothing about this story makes sense. I overheard one guy this AM talking about it. “The only thing I can figure,” he opined, “was they hated the kid so much they didn’t care if he was missing.”

My guess is the kid and his family are going to haul Indiana University as well as tour leaders into court and fetch themselves a nice settlement — as well they should.

Abegunde On The Air


I had a great time speaking with Dr. Maria Eliza Hamilton Abegunde for yesterday’s Big Talk. She’s really a chip off the o.b.; her mother was a nurse and her father an artist and she’s combined both those callings in her own adult life. In her own words: “I am an engungun priest in the Yoruba Orisa tradition, Black Studies practitioner, Reiki Master, healer, poet, writer, teacher, and birth & postpartum doula.”

Right now, she’s concentrating on cultural trauma and efforts to heal through poetry and other
writings. She’s got a great story so, if you’ve only got a few minutes, go here for the WFHB feature that ran Thursday afternoon, and, if you’re a person of leisure, go here for the entire original interview with her.

Next week? Search me. I’ve yet to set anybody up. If you have any ideas, pitch ’em over to me and I’ll gladly consider them.

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