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Just Say No

Lots of people running around, reading tea leaves, consulting their Ouija boards, trying to determine what future developments may arise in the wished/hoped/prayed for fall of President Gag.

Impeachment? Come on! Who’s predicting that? Someone who believes buying a state lottery ticket is a surefire pass to riches?

Okay, I’ll join the fun. Here’s my prediction: Li’l Duce fires Justice Dept. gumshoe Robert Mueller (he can, you know), resists all further calls for more digging into the whole Russian election interference case, and flat out ignores any independent delving into his dirty work.

Oh heavens, you might say, he can’t do that! It’s illegal or unconstitutional or some kind of transgression against an unwritten moral/ethical code.

Li’l Duce‘s response: So what!

Yeah, that’s right. His attitude’s is going to be Whaddya gonna do about it? And what can anybody do about it? Call the cops? Demand congressional Republicans suddenly forget party ties and loyalties and vote a member of their own tribe out of office?

Ain’t gonna happen, kids.

P. Gag does things his way and his way alone. Haven’t his actions, words, sneers, smirks, and even odor of the last couple of years made that conspicuously clear? Were he a fellow who played by the rules of polite society the president might eventually sense at some point his back is against the wall and bow out, pretending he’s doing it for the good of the country. Even Nixon did it when the White House grease fire got too hot.

But P. Gag is not a member of this society. He’s a society of one. Since Gaggy-boy doesn’t play by anybody’s rules but his own, he most likely will simply say, No. Fuck you.

Just watch.

Pence’s Power Play

That said, the Republicans’ smart move would be to flip Mike Pence. As in, Hey, Mikey baby, we all hate that son of a bitch and he’s an embarrassment — and liability — to our party’s chances in ’20. You’re the kind of guy we really want in the Oval Office anyway. We want you to be our guy in the next presidential election.


While all the country’s wits and wags are shrieking and wringing their hands over P. Gag barricading himself in the White House, while Democrats are waving their arms ineffectually — their premier talent, BTW — Pence would quietly set the wheels spinning for his own run in the next election and then, when the time is right, resign as vice president and take to the hustings.

The Republicans might then say, This is the most qualified candidate there’s ever been for president. Hell, he was the president throughout the so-called president’s term!

Again, just watch.

Animal Cracks

Chris Churchill is a funny guy. I met him almost 20 years ago when we both worked at the Chicago Trolley Co. He sees the humor in everything. And like most great comics, I sense, down deep he’s the sad clown.

Anyway, Chris says the critter mascots for America’s major political parties are silly. As in, the characteristics normally associated with the fauna involved don’t have anything to do with their respective political gangs. He writes:

Are elephants dogmatic, rich and selfish? Are mules empathetic, secular, and over-educated?


He’s got suggestions for new mascots for the Ds & Rs. Check out his reasoning here.

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