Hot Air: Oh, I’m Deep

Simia Est Simia, Etiamsi Purpura Vestiatur *

One of the fascinating things about the Gag presidency is the textbook portrayal of a psychologically disturbed individual that occurs almost every time he opens his mouth.

To wit: He — and only he — called Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” back on May 23rd at a campaign rally in Albuquerque. No one since has called her that, save those who dig Li’l Duce enough to mimic his oral effluvia. Then, day before yesterday, he joked in front a bunch of Native Americans about how “they” — that dependable gang of villains referred to and depended upon for strawman-ism by all ignoramuses — “call her Pocahontas.”

The takeaway? P. Gag is incapable of distinguishing between the world inside his head and the world outside. If he thinks it, if he says it, if he does it or demands it, then the whole world is thinking, saying, doing, or demanding it.

His view of existence is infantile. The child in the crib sees the universe through the lens of self. All that exists are her/his pains, wants, pleasures, moods, and so on. Healthy kids learn quickly that’s not the reality of the world. Somehow, some way, President Gag never learned that.

We are being led by a brat. A mentally stunted one at that.

[ * From the Latin: An ape is an ape, even if dressed in royal purple.]

Caritate Patriae *

Re: The above entry — I still can’t believe this loon won the presidency of the richest, most powerful nation ever on Earth. My nation. Although, with each passing day, it becomes less and less easy for me to employ that particular modifier in reference to this holy land.

[ * Love of country.]

Ubi Bene, Ibi Patria *

[ * Where one feels good, there is one’s country.]

Sunt Pueri Pueri, Puerilia Tractant *

The hammer continues to fall on frats across the country, what with even football/basketball factory, Ohio State University, suspending all its fraternities’ activities earlier this month. Now, a couple of Indiana University boys clubs have been slapped with sanctions due to their obstinent predilection for hazing and binge drinking.

Higher Education

Once again, sure, I know several decent Joes who’ve emerged from the Greek systems at various colleges and U.’s around the country but, still, you put a gang of 18-22 y.o. males together in close quarters for nine months of the year and you’re going to get scads of jaw-dropping puerility as a result.

It’s like slamming young punks into prison and expecting them to come out of the joint polished orators and experts in etiquette.

[ * Children are children, therefore they do childish things.]

Vincit Qui Patitur *

BTW: It was a little more than two years ago– specifically the first Wednesday in November, 2015 — when I got the news I had cancer.

I recall one of the very first things I thought was, I wish I could jump ahead in time, to the day when this whole damned mess’ll be behind me.

Well — whaddya know? — here I am!

[ * Who endures, conquers.]

And, Finally…,

…quidquid Latine dictum, altum videtur. *

[ * Anything said in Latin appears profound.]

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