Hot Air: Tainted?

Wisdom From A One-Legged Man

The legendary Bill Veeck said it decades ago:

People prefer simon-pure mediocrity to tainted genius.


The aphorism applies in spades today in a lot of settings. It’s especially apt in the corporate world. Yet it doesn’t explain President Gag, whose very existence in the White House belies the observation. And, yeah, P. Gag is a genius inasmuch as he somehow knows precisely what to say to a certain corner of the populace, a number of citizens big enough to swing a national election his way (if only by technicality).

And, boy, is he tainted.

Big (Talk) Changes


I apologize to all fans of Big Talk. For the second week in a row, my episode was fercocktered due to sloppy audio engineering. The engineer responsible? Me.

See, I’m all things on the show. I produce it, book the talent, do the research, wrangle the talent, set up the studio and the recording apparatus (including balky software), host it, clean up the studio after recording, wash the water glasses, edit it, post-produce it, and dump the final product in Dropbox. Then I create multi-platform promos, do all the guest appreciation niceties that entail, and start all over again.

Guess what. It’s way too much for a single knucklehead to tackle. Something’s got to fall by the wayside, and it’s usually audio quality. Makes sense; I consider myself adept at every aspect of the job save audio engineering.

But that’s all changing. I’ll be taking a few weeks off from production after this coming Thursday’s show in order to get a new incarnation of Big Talk up and running.

And — mirabile dictu! — that new incarnation will include a dedicated engineer..

So, stand by for further announcements and stay tuned. The new look will debut just after the new year.

Meanwhile give an ear to last week’s show, featuring the likable (nay, lovable), ursine funny man and now-professional daddy-o, Troy Maynard, author of How to Raise Viking Children: And Other Tales of Woe. You can catch him, as well, on his laugh-a-minute website, Very Vocal Viking.

And Thursday, we’ll at last air the segment featuring poet Ross Gay and singer/songwriter Kacie Swierk. I just have to do some remedial patching up of the raw audio from a couple of weeks ago — fingers crossed — and the words and music will flow on WFHB, 91.3 FM, during Thursday’s Daily Local News at 5pm.

Condition: Grave


How long will it take for this holy land to recover from the President Gag administration?

My guess: Assuming he’ll stay in office his entire term and (it is to be prayed) is not re-elected, my over-under for when we’ll get back to normal will be the year 2071.

That’s right. It’ll be a good 50 years before America becomes, well, America again.

Then again — sez the cynic in me — perhaps this holy land has never been more American than during this (gag) current admin.

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