Hot Air: The People Problem

I’ve long held that the biggest problem with democracy is people. The whole idea sounds great — the informed, committed citizens electing their own leaders, setting their own course, exercising free will, and demonstrating the political acumen of the common human being.


Look who’s the president of this holy land. And look who’s in charge of the Italian gov’t now. A fellow named Giuseppi Conte who, acc’d’g to many sources, is as unqualified and just as boastful and disrespectful of silly things like truth as our dear leader. Of course, the Italian citizenry doesn’t exactly elect its president the way we do. Theirs is a parliamentary system. They vote for their representatives who then choose a boss. Here we vote for our representatives and our president and then the big corporate campaign contributors choose our big man.

Nevertheless, both our lands are now ruled by “populists.”

Populist: from the Latin populuspeople.


Like I said, the problem with democracy….

Conversation With Koryta

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