Hot Air: I Hate To Say It, But…

You heard it here first: President Gag’s summit meeting with N. Korea’s Kim Jong-un will come off w/o a hitch and the end result will be a wildly ballyhooed agreement.

How do I know? Simple. Li’l Duce wouldn’t even make the trip to Singapore to meet with his counterpart in global clowndom sans a deal already in his back pocket. Yep. Guaranteed, emissaries of the two borderline psychotic leaders have already hammered out some kind exchange. If there’s one thing P. Gag knows it’s public relations and he sure as hell isn’t going to this meeting at risk of walking away with nothing.

The question remains, Will the pact mean anything? Our current president will make a grandiose announcement about it, lauding himself and his counterpart (but mostly himself) to the skies and promising a better, safer world to come. I’m thinking Kim’s going to walk away from the meeting with a huge bushel-full of economic incentives, grants, loans, business opportunities, and relief from the crushing sanctions now in place against his bizarre little land. Oh, and our own beloved leader and his cronies will also walk away with a pocket-full of business opportunities.

That’s business and that’s what Li’l Duce does best.

Who knows? The whole thing may well turn out to be a plus for the globe. As I’ve written here before, only P. Gag would be capable of getting something done with Kim. Previous presidents have been hamstrung by diplomatic niceties, conventional thinking, and…, well, sanity. Pres. G. simply blew up the whole history of relations between our two lands and said, Let’s start all over again.

And, BTW, that’s why he’s been able to brag that he doesn’t need to do any preparation in advance of this summit, that he’ll know what to do in the first minute of the face-to-face. No other American leader in history would have been so megalomaniacal and deluded to approach such an important conference in a devil-may-care way. The real work’s already been done and P.G.’s simply going to reap the optics rewards.

Y’know what? It just may work.

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Thursday’s Big Talk will be another of my monthly double-headers with my regularly-scheduled program at 5pm on 91.3 FM and a written-word profile of Bloomington’s Prince of Jazz, David Brent Johnson, in my Limestone Post column, Big Mike’s B-town.

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One thought on “Hot Air: I Hate To Say It, But…

  1. -bill says:

    “Shoot first. Call whatever you hit the target.”
    What’ll be interesting is the Pretzel logic deployed to make this the greatest deal ever.

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