Hot Air: Two-Fer Thursday

It’s Big Talk Double-Header Thursday, kids. My WFHB radio show, this week featuring jazz maven David Brent Johnson, airs at 5:30pm on WFHB, 91.3 FM (podcast link to be posted some time after the show airs).

If you’re lacking in patience, click on over to this month’s “Big Mike’s B-town” in our region’s very own lifestyle/politics/arts/sustainability/equal-rights-for-all/et cetera online mag, Limestone Post, for a written profile of the aforementioned nerd/rake who spins platters for WFIU radio.

Then, soon as you’re finished listening/reading, dash out and pick up a copy or two of Limestone Post‘s spanking new first print edition, entitled “A Sense of Place.” It’s got great stuff in it. I should know — I penned two pieces for it, for pity’s sake! Nah — truth is the editorial braintrust (publisher Ron Eid & editorial director Lynae Sowinski) are tops in this town. Their story sensibilities and their corral of freelancers both tower over any other local pub.’s.

So, unbelt and fork over a scant $7.50 for the mag next chance you get.

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