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They Too

It’s a lousy topic, one that’ll normally make you want to retch but there are heartening stories coming out of it. I’m speaking of the workplace sexual harassment epidemic that has exploded into the nation’s consciousness the last few years.

The New York Times today features the stories of 18 women and two men who’ve been groped, grabbed, threatened, pressured, and/or otherwise made to understand by their bosses or coworkers that if they didn’t fuck the latters, they’d suffer professionally.

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Some Of The Faces & Names Of Strength

[Images: New York Times]

Merely coming out and calling attention to such extortion meant risking the formers’ livelihoods and reputations. Yet these people did it.

They’re all tough as nails. And some 165 million females in this holy land owe them an immeasurable debt of gratitude.

Read the piece, and you’ll feel just a touch better in the aftermath of the suckers’ game their bosses tried to force them to play.

Oh, I Get Talkers

My guest on Big Talk this afternoon will be singer, actor, teacher, and mother, Amanda Biggs.

She’s just finishing up her star turn as Alison Bechdel in the Cardinal Stage Company’s production, “Fun Home.” The musical is based on Bechdel’s fabulous, groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name, wherein the author/artist writes and draws about her wildly “functional dysfunctional” family home. Biggs tells us the “fun” in the title is short for funeral, which is what the place was, a funeral home.

Biggs As Cartoonist Alison Bechdel.

It also was a madhouse as Bechdel struggled with her sexual identity and her father, an extremely troubled man, worked his fingers to the bone to conceal his own DL sexual preference. In fact, Bechdel’s daddy-o was burdened by a criminal predilection for young lads. Bechdel’s mom did her level best to hold things together but, in the end, couldn’t because the family’s fabric of normality and decency had been frayed too badly.

Biggs swears the play will change your life so, if you’ve a mind to, click on over to the Cardinal Stage Co. and get your ducats now. The show closes with a matinee Sunday, July 1st. That gives you a mere five more chances to see Biggs & co. do their thing.

Big Talk airs every Thursday at 5:30pm on WFHB, 91.3 FM. And each Monday you can catch a little more with Big Talk Extra, a feature of the Daily Local News at 5. Come back here tomorrow AM for the podcast link to today’s show.

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