Hot Air: Not Budging An Inch

President Gag basically told this holy land’s intelligence people, both the individuals and organizations — of which their are an astounding many — that he buys Vladimir Putin’s bullshit more than their’s. Not that everything the spooks and spies of America come up with is bullshit but, well, y’know, Saddam and WMDs, 9/11, Vietnam, the Shah, Allende, Pinochet, Arbenz, the communist witch hunts — need I go on? Nevertheless, it’d be nice for the President of the United States to sorta stand behind his intelligence community.

Especially when standing at a podium next to the world’s most renowned practitioner of the spy arts and sciences.

And especially when the aforementioned master Russian spy has directed his sundry apparatus to eff with American democracy, such as it is — or was in 2016. I mean, big money and nefarious oligarchs and ideologues in this country for years have been throwing their own wrenches into the gears of our voting processes. Did the lupine Putin really need to float all those rumors, innuendoes, faux news stories, and shifty memes when our body politic has been so thoroughly tainted in the favor of our own avaricious wolves already?

Anyway, we Americans feel violated, what with Putin’s slimy fingers poking around in our voting booths. And the entire world knows he did it — except for you know who.

We can tolerate our own bad guys despoiling democracy but, gosh dang it, we’ll be damned if we’re gonna let some foreigner do it. Only, the way P. Gag is treating Putin, the Russkie strongman won’t be considered foreign on these shores for too much longer, it seems.

Li’l Duce and those who love him would like nothing better than for the US and Russia to become a hand-in-hand single entity devoted to the holy purpose of unfettered capitalism run by amoral plutocrats, with the pops. of our respective great nations serving only as docile, malleable producers and consumers. For pity’s sake, it was, after all, the Russians who came through for the Trump Empire when P. Gag’s American and western European lenders cut him off from the money teat. He owes Putin et al, and gladly.

None of this, meanwhile, means a goddamned thing to the people who voted for the Republican candidate for president nearly two years ago now. Like the rest of America, they’ve dug in theirs heels and are now engaged with the other side — my side — in a bizarre form of trench warfare. We won’t give them an inch nor will they give us one.

President Gag and his adorers don’t need any inches from me.

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