Hot Air: Extinct

Hah! Those lazy bums.

Apparently, our foreparents, the gang scientists like to refer to as Homo Erectus, went extinct because they weren’t Rand-ians — as in followers of Ayn Rand‘s model of success. The Erectus — that’s right; the plural’s the same as the singular — weren’t hard charging, tireless, aggressive, impatient, no time for reflection or unnecessary compassion, John Galt-like heroes of achievement.


Acc’d’g to recent research, Homo Erectus went extinct because they were too complacent to even climb the nearest hill to see what was beyond it. They weren’t prone to go looking for new territories, new sources of tools, new horizons to conquer and so, well, they just died off.

Not only that, Homo Erectus went kaput because they were incapable of dealing with the climate change that swept the world at the time they were plodding along, not pushing themselves to the extreme.

I’m willing to bet that some blogging member of a future primate species will be writing pretty much the same post with us, Home Sapiens, as the subject.

Funny thing about history. It always repeats.

Show Time

A couple of Big Talk notes.

Last week’s show featured WFHB volunteer coordinator Cindy Beaulé. She’ll be hosting her own birthday bash tonight at the Players Pub, with the likes of the Uke Tones, Bob Lucas, Opal Fly and Kapow!, and Mercury Johnson & the Evinrudes (search me; I couldn’t find a link for them) providing the music. The festivities begin at 5pm.

Don’t think Cindy’s simply screeching Whee! Me! The bash is really a benefit for WFHB, with the gate going to the station. BTW, WFHB’s fall fund drive begins Friday, September 7th and runs through…, well, there is no end date this time around. The big potatoes at the community radio station are bound and determined to make goal this season no matter how long it takes. And keep in mind you can donate to WFHB any day — hell, any hour of the day — simply by going to its website and clicking on the big red Donate now button.

Go Ahead; You Know You Wanna!

The second Big Talk note concerns today’s show. My guest at 5:30pm will be Vince (Carlos) Gaitani, president of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Reserve. For the life of me, I had no idea his group existed. The Sheriff’s Reserves are volunteers — fully trained, armed, fully-authroized law enforcement officers — who help the paid deputies in a pinch and who hire themselves out for crowd control at big events like Indiana University football games and so on. So, yeah, there are right now 11 badge-wearing members of the Reserve, one of whom just might be the cop in the squad car pulling you over for going 83 mph down SR 446.

Many thanks to Jan Walker for turning me on to the Sheriff’s Reserve.

Tune in at 5:30pm every Thursday for Big Talk on WFHB, 91.3 FM and come back here each Friday for a link to the podcast.


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