Hot Air: God, Guns & Money

After all that, it looks like Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the United States Senate and will take a seat on the Supreme Court of this holy land.

And, yeah, this land has gotten that much holier since the unholy Li’lDuce has taken over. Of course, I’m using the term holy in a couple of different and contradictory ways here. The American Christian Taliban finally has achieved its version of nirvana — it has, through the ballot box, the idiot box, and a little bit of hook and/or crook, become the ruling party of the United States. It’s got most of the statehouses, most of the governors’ mansions, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the White House, and the highest court in America.

Wanna bet they’re still going to be running around crying about how they’re so all put-upon and discriminated against and everybody from feminists, blacks, drug-running Mexicans, transexual bathroom-goers, and, for chrissakes, everybody who is not precisely they, is getting their way and boo-hoo-hoo, poor us?

My take? Good old RBG had better stay alive for at least the next two years and possible even the next six.

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