Hot Air: A President In Check

People are complaining about President Gag saying he doesn’t believe his own administration’s climate change report issued this past week. The report, in case you missed it, says climate change is real and will adversely affect the American economy throughout the remainder of this century no matter what we do to ameliorate the situ. over the next few years. P. Gag, of course, has famously characterized global warming and climate change as the bunk.

Funny thing is, I’m sort of comforted by this contradiction. It’s proof in the pudding that the US presidency is not yet a tyranny. Whoever’s the prez can’t just issue edicts or ukases on a whim. There are still experts, informed mavens in the various fields the federal government must of necessity have its fingers in, and — yes — bureaucrats who work diligently through the year no matter who occupies the Oval Office, doing the vital work of running this country.

Now, plenty of Right Wing big-mouths decry what they call The DeepState, and these are the folks they’re talking about. They’re not elected. They, by and large, don’t have political allegiances. They know their jobs and do them, quietly, through a succession of presidents. If that bugs you, then you’d be happy to go back to the days of the spoils system where all jobs were up for grabs to the highest bidders or the most loyal party hacks. Civil service reform largely took care of that.

Not much about the Trump presidency makes me feel good but at least our governmental infrastructure prevents the Greed Monkey-in-Chief from completely turning this holy land into his own personal fiefdom.

Vauhxx Booker, Talking Big

A quick reminder: Get to know Bloomington Black Lives Matter spokesperson Vauhxx Booker later this afternoon. He’s my guest on today’s edition of Big Talk, airing on WFHB, 91.3 FM, at 5:30pm.


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