Hot Air: Not So Fast

Before we get too giddy and gay and gaga over all the Cabinet members, department heads, and Republican congressbeings deserting Individual 1 these days, keep something in mind. All these sons (and daughters) of bitches either wholeheartedly endorsed Li’l Duce or tacitly supported him by not loudly objecting to his crimes against decency and the Constitution in the run-up to the 2016 election and through the early days of his reign.

Sure, scads of GOP-ers and their apologists are becoming fed up with the president’s delusional, uninformed, reactionary, borderline psychotic mode of leadership. Now. Why didn’t they kick up a fuss, say, 20 months ago? Because President Gag was remaking America in ways that delighted them to the point of climax. Like Godzilla tramping through Tokyo, he knocked over, crushed or otherwise destroyed as many consumer protections, environmental regulations, banking safeguards, necessary business constraints, racial and gender shields — anything, in fact, that made life a little easier and safer for those of us who don’t count our wealth in nine figures.

P. Gag, in fact, was doing every goddamned thing every Right Wing, fundamentalist, evangelist, greed monkey, prosperity gospel-ist has ever wet-dreamed about night after night since the the earliest days of the New Deal.

Now that he’s accomplished all that — and it says right here he’s the most effective* president we’ve had since the 1930s — all these SOBs (and DOBs) can pretend they’re worried about civilization and democracy.

[ * Not to be construed as meaning good. ]

So I’m not going to call for a parade for the likes of James Mattis and the rest of the Republicans who are growing disenchanted with someone who never, ever, ever deserved their enchantment in the first place..

Pete Speaks

Here’s the link to the podcast of yesterday’s Big Talk featuring South Bend Mayor (and possible 2020 presidential contender) Pete Buttigieg.

Big Talk airs every Thursday at 5:30pm on WFHB, 91.3 FM, or anytime online.

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