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Impeachable Sources?

You may not care that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was busted today on charges that he solicited and paid for sex at a South Florida massage parlor. Normally, the story would be just another soon-to-be forgotten item in our daily diet of salacious gossip.

But NFL beat writer Adam Schefter was quoted in Tyler Lauletta’s Business Insider story about the indictment and his revelation is positively nine-months pregnant with suspense, to wit:

“There are people down there in that area, I’m told, who say this story is going to heat up and get a lot worse,” Schefter said, adding, “I’m also told that Robert Kraft is not the biggest name involved down there in South Florida.

Schefter didn’t hint at who the bigger name could be, or why police would be willing to name Kraft but not that person. But given the wide-ranging scope of the investigation, more information about it is likely to become public soon.

Speaking of investigations about which more info is likely to become public soon….

Need another hint? Take a wild guess who else — whose name these days is much bigger than Kraft’s — lives much of the time in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Yesterday’s was episode No. 1 in my Big Talk series of interviews with selected candidates for Bloomington city council this primary season.

Attorney and nonprofit veteran Kate Rosenbarger was my first guest in the series. She’s a first-time political candidate who’s challenging long-time incumbent Chris Sturbaum in District 1. Go here for the podcast.

Former Bloomington czarina of the arts Miah Michaelsen joined me in the studio this afternoon. She, too, is a novice elective office-seeker. Similarly, she’s aiming to knock off a long-time incumbent, Dave Rollo in District 4. I’ll air the Miah interview Thursday, February 28th, at 5:30pm, immediately following the Daily Local News on WFHB, 91.3 FM.

A Bland New Beat

O babies, ya gotta see these. Some guy has created a YouTube channel featuring raw video clips from real music…, um, videos.

That is, the visuals that were shot before the music audio was added.

Betcha didn’t know Mick Jagger belched in David Bowie’s face in the “Dancin’ in the Street” video!

Easy Goin’ Down

Are you depressed yet about the state of toxic masculinity in this holy land? If not, try catching just a few minutes of sports talk radio. Guys, if one might judge by the demographic that has to hear about jocks all day long, are interested in buying their wives and girlfriends pretty much only teddy bears, diamond rings, and easy-to-slip-out-of PJs.

For themselves? Easy. Boner pills. Well, not pills, exactly. They’re, apparently, too hard to swallow.

Fits Right In Your Wallet!

No, Murrican guys need Blue Chew. Yep. Chewable ersatz Viagra. Bleu Chew’s slogan: Chew it and do it. Swear to god.

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