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Okay, so everybody’s had their say about the actor Jussie Smollet allegedly phonying up his story about a racial, gay-bashing attack he suffered in one of Chicago’s toniest neighborhoods the other week.

Nobody, natch, shook their fists more than those people who previously had never given any kind of shit about these types of ugly incidents that have gone on forever in this holy land and have increased dramatically since the Bigot-in-Chief won the presidency on a technicality in 2016.

Anyway, here’s a story* that’s, sadly, far more common. A black man got the hell beat out of him by a ranting racist on a bus earlier this week. Racially motivated attacks far outnumber bogus stories. The attack on Milton Knight didn’t make the national news because it’s so common. Jussie Smollet’s story did because it’s so rare.

[ * h/t to Pencillista George Bull ]

BTW: Adam Serwer, staff writer for The Atlantic, last week penned a superb piece on that Smollett case. The article’s subhead says it all: “Allegedly fraudulent reports support a narrative that many wish to believe.”

Big Talk


My guest later this afternoon on Big Talk will be Miah Michaelsen, currently the deputy director for the Indiana Arts Commission and former arts boss in this town. Specifically, she ran the arts arm of Bloomington’s Department of Economic and Sustainable Development. Under her watch, the city became the first in the state to declare its own arts and cultural district and she helped forge a deal between the city and Ivy Tech, wherein the latter took over the Waldron Center.

Miah’s running for the Democratic nomination for city council in Bloomington’s 4th District, now represented by long-time incumbent Dave Rollo.

Today’s show will be the second in my ongoing series of interviews with city council candidates. We started the series off with Kate Rosenbarger, challenging Chris Sturbaum in District 1, last week. Next week, we’ll have that rarest of species, a Republican in Bloomington, Andrew Guenther on the show. He’s running unopposed (of course) in the GOP primary for the District 2 seat. Three Dems are running in that party’s primary, including incumbent Dorothy Granger and newcomers Sue Sgambelluri and Daniel Bingham.

We’ll be airing these city council candidate interviews all the way up to the May 7th primary. Check back here tomorrow for a link to the podcast of the Michaelsen chat.


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    It may not be clear from the stories, but this happened this week in Bloomington,.

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