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The Swedish actress Bibi Andersson died yesterday. She was a big favorite of director Ingmar Bergman, appearing in eleven of his films, including Persona and The Seventh Seal. She also worked with American directors Robert Altman and John Huston. Clearly, she had some chops, considering three of the greatest directors of all time were eager to work with her.

Here’s a photo of her from the mid-’60s:

Anybody who wants to discuss Andersson’s career or the deeper meanings of Bergman’s movies is entirely welcome to. All I want to know is why those very basic, clunky, horn-rimmed dark glasses make virtually anybody who wears them look like the coolest person ever to walk the Earth.

This Time, Inhale

This month’s Science Cafe comes to the daytime headquarters of this global communications colossus, Hopscotch, day after tomorrow. Cannabinoid researcher (and personal pal) Alex Straiker will talk about The Science of Cannabis.

The Cafe’s April session will be at the coffeehouse at Dodds and Morton (or, if you will, the B-line Trail) rather than its previous homes. Finch’s/The Roost is no more after 13 years slinging it on Kirkwood near the Sample Gates. As for Mother Bear’s, Science Cafe organizers are interested in drawing a few young’uns this time around; MB’s is a 21-and-over venue.

With medicinal pot becoming a big business and recreational weed becoming legal in more and more states, understanding what’s going on when the plant’s lipids interact with your neurons becomes more essential by the day.

Anyway, Hopscotch is at 235 W. Dodds and the April Science Cafe will begin Wednesday, April 17th, at 7:00pm.

Staying Power?

I like Pete Buttigieg. He’s a straight-talking, straight shooter who did a marvelous job as mayor of South Bend. I met him a couple of years ago at a house party for Democratic women. He spoke eloquently but simply. He embodies those characteristics we like to pretend all Midwesterners have: a sense of justice, fairness, stick-to-it-iveness, a down home grasp of the issues, and so on. All Midwesterners, needless to say, do not embrace these traits. Fewer and fewer do as the years pass — this is something we’re discovering as we learn that President Gag’s core supporters come largely from our flyover country.

Check out this podcast of Big Talk featuring Pete chatting with the Dem Fems.

I do wonder how long Pete-mania will last. He’s a rock star right now, raising scads of dough and eliciting swooning testimonials from all corners of the Democratic universe.

One of the criticisms leveled at him is we don’t know precisely where he stands on certain global issues. Check this March 21st New York magazine article that elaborates on the public’s gaps in knowledge of his overall platform (you’ll have to scroll down to the 11th graf). A March 20th Esquire magazine online interview with Mayor Pete reveals a few of his key ideas. Elle magazine chimes in with a laundry list of important issues and where the candidate stands on them in its March 29th online effort. And, finally, Ebony magazine in its March 25th online posting offers a “Q&A with Mayor Pete Buttigieg about His Plans for Communities of Color.”

In any case, I tend to mistrust too-early splashes in any presidential beauty contest. Like love at first sight, they rarely last. Here’s hoping Buttigieg proves that observation wrong, at least this time.

And, to be honest, the devil is partly behind my wish: If the brown-skinned Barack Obama made Right Wing America hyperventilate, imagine how near asphyxiation they’ll be should we elect ourselves a husband-smooching male president!

Pete & Chasten Outside the Church.

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