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The Gap

The economy is fabulous. So says the headline on CNN online this AM.

Note, though the caveats in the subhead: “[C]onsumer spending and business investment have slowed.”

You’ll pardon the pun, but it seems the people — you and I — aren’t buying it. The economy’s good, sure. For someone.

It sure ain’t us.


Just ran into Steve, the brewmeister at the Indianapolis coffeehouse, The Commissary, on New York Street.

I told him I’m avoiding Naptown like the plague this weekend because of the thousands of gun-fondlers who’re descending upon the burgh for the annual NRA Convention. Both the president and the vice president of this holy land are scheduled to speak to the fetishists today. Steve says he and his Commissary colleagues are crossing their fingers and sending good vibes in the direction of the operators of a friendly rival coffeehouse directly across the street from the convention center. Business’ll be great, sure, but it’ll be a pile of tainted dough. Plus — who knows? — w/ that many gun nuts infesting the ‘hood, there’s always the danger somebody packing heat’ll start firing away to satisfy one or more grievances.

Of course, nobody’s allowed to carry in the convention hall. Still, there’ll be hangers-on floating in the periphery, and they’re the people one would have to spend sleepless nights worrying about.

The Commissary, BTW, is actually a combination coffeehouse and barber shop. Go there; Steve & Co. are good people.

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Big Talk

Here’s the podcast of yesterday’s Big Talk featuring Ryan Maloney, candidate for the District 5 seat on Bloomington’s city council in this year’s Democratic primary.

Remember, primary election day is Tuesday, May 7th. Technically, that’s the last day you can vote. The county’s early voting center at 401 W. 7th St., just west of courthouse square.

The general election will be Tuesday, November 5th, with early voting starting 30 days prior.

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