Hot Air: Switching Stages

Phew! After ten weeks of candidates on Big Talk, I finally got to host a show with someone not looking for votes yesterday.

Make no mistake: I was highly impressed by everyone I had on since February 21st, all the city council aspirants as well as the single declared independent hoping to be elected mayor in November. Here, by the way, are links to the Big Talks with the still-standing candidates as well as the Big Talk Extra features in which they talk about the issues:

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Unless any independents, write-ins, or Libertarians declare, or should the Republican Party caucus in or appoint any candidates by June/July (go here for the official state 2019 election calendar), the above races will be the only ones contested this coming fall.

Once again, I didn’t feature any incumbents on Big Talk this election year because there weren’t enough weeks to cover them all.

Anyway, I wash my hands of politics for the nonce. To that end, I invited Gabe Gloden on the show. He’s the managing director of the Cardinal Stage Company. He and his wife, Emily Goodson, are a theater family; she’s an actor and a playwright and he concentrates on the business and practical end of things. Gloden & Goodson are two more examples of that phenomenon unique to this burgh, “Bloomerangs.” The couple left town for a couple of years to work in both Detroit and Boise, Idaho after Gabe graduated from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. But, like so many who’ve lived in Bloomington, they couldn’t wait to get back and so have re-established themselves here.

Here’s the link to yesterday’s program with Gabe Gloden and — an added bonus — here’s the link to my Big Talk with Emily Goodson from February, 2017.

Gloden & Goodson

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