Hot Air: When American English Isn’t Enough

Party People

Two items:

  1. I know I’m late to a lot of stuff — mainly because I don’t care about a lot of stuff that most people do care about — but I just found out about gender reveal parties. Really, people? Maybe I’m alone in this but I honestly don’t care about if, when, and how people are reproducing, let alone what sex their kids are going to be. And — even more honestly — if you do care then may I suggest you find a hobby?
  2. I saw an Indiana University student cruising down a sidewalk on a scooter this AM. He was sporting a red T-shirt with this emblazoned on its back: Anti-Socialism Social Party. I wonder if he’ll ever realize how utterly fercockter that whole sentiment is — and on so many levels.

A-a-a-and, speaking of yiddish, please read on ⬇︎

Beyond Words

Musician Mike Cohen (no, not that Michael Cohen) treats us to this linguistics lesson (scroll down for translation key):

For you philistines too unenlightened to already know the English translations of the above mots, or too lazy to look them up, The Pencil provides this invaluable key for you:

  • chazera pig; a piggish person
  • ganef — (variant of gonif) a thief; a disreputable or dishonest person
  • lignera liar
  • mamzera bastard
  • nebbisha pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissive man
  • nokhshleperan imitator; a sycophant
  • pishera nobody; a child; a squirt
  • putza stupid or worthless person
  • schluba talentless, unattractive, boorish person
  • schmegeggebullshit, baloney, nonsense
  • schmuck — (literally, penisa foolish or contemptible person 
  • schnorrera beggar or scrounger; a layabout
  • shandea disgrace; embarrassing; shameful
  • shlegera thug
  • shtarkera big bruiser; an ape
  • tsvuaka hypocrite

You’re welcome.


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