RAW: Busman’s Holiday

Longtime Pencillistas know I’m the producer and main host of the WFHB radio interview program, Big Talk. (Those of you who aren’t longtime Pencillistas, where in the hell have you been?!)

Occasionally I have guests on with whom I’m so involved in conversation that we talk and talk and talk for an hour or more. And it pains me to have to cut out so much good stuff to fit the interview into my 28-minute time slot.

That happened once again yesterday with Addison and Lewis Rogers, the singer-songwriter brothers who comprise the Bloomington band, Busman’s Holiday.

I’ve done this once before before (with then-outgoing WFHB music director Jim Manion) and have decided to try it again.

The Rogers boys and I had a rollicking time in the Big Production Room at ‘FHB, Wednesday, November 2, 2022. As I say, I hated like hell losing any of it so I’m running the whole shebang here on this global communications colossus. Simply click on that little arrow-shaped thingy at the top of this post for the entire raw interview with them.

Busman’s Holiday: Addison (L) & Lewis Rogers

As I get around to it, I’ll be posting the raw recordings of a number of my recent guests. My interview with veteran reporter Laura Lane is one. She and I sat in the old publisher’s office at the cavernous and empty soon-to-be-abandoned Bloomington Herald-Times headquarters on South Walnut Street. In fact, at one point, she pointed at a sofa off to the side and revealed that, after we were finished chatting, she was going to load the thing into a van and bring it up to her daughter in Chicago.

The echo-y sound I got on the recording with Lane set the mood perfectly as the Herald-Times and newspapers in general are gasping their final breaths.

So, keep an eye and an ear open for future raw posts here, including my chats with playwright, poet, and puppeteer Antonia Matthew and Richard Fish, the producer of her radio theater opus, World War II remembrance, “Antonia’s Home Front”; journalist Steven Higgs, women’s health care advocate Jessica Marchbank; retired CIA spy Gene Coyle, and others.

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Stay tuned here for more raw stuff from the Big Talk archives.

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